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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
My Swedish Love Affair

Ian can't keep track of my boyfriends and exes. I don't blame him. I actually recall my past by the boyfriends I had at the time. That sounds absolutely sad, isn't it? Well don't be. I am 30 years old and I guess one has to have had a good number of boyfriends when she is 30.

I read somewhere that each female would have dated at least six to seven men before actually settling down with a permanent partner. It appears that women need to scout around before deciding on a life partner. Let's see.... Erm, there was High School Sweetheart, the guy who's like Damien (I don't have a name for him because I do not want waste my time talking or thinking about him), Alan, Swedish Love and Alex. In between there were some dates gone right/wrong. That would qualify Alex as THE ONE!!!!

Each of my relationships lasted for a period of 24 months. 24 months sound longer and better than 2 years, which is what it was. 2 years spent with each man, before my heart feels restless and I am wandering again. It is the Little Prince in me exploring faraway land, until the day I felt comfortable and secure enough to feel settled.

So here are some photos of my Swedish Love and the life I shared with him.

My Swedish Love,
~ photo by Otto, 2001

He was giving and generous. What I remember most about Swedish Love was we had the best breakfasts every morning. I am such a morning person.

Breakfast With Love Is Better Than At Tiffany's,
~ photo by Swedish Love, 2002

I jump out of bed, dancing, singing and smiling the moment I open my eyes. He would run downstairs for some fresh baked cinnamon buns and we would have beautiful roast beef, ham, cucumber and tomatoe sandwiches. And freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly brewed coffee..... and Bob Marley would croon each morning for us as we happily tucked into the big breakfasts!

Swedish Love took a lot of photographs of me and I loved every single photo he has taken.

Sova Lilla Flickvän,
~ photo by Pojkvän Henrik, 2002

He took photos of me sleeping, photos of my clothing, photos of everything. I remember him being so excited as I sat down writing my first Swedish essay. I even have photos of that evening as I cracked my head writing, "Why I Am Staying In Sweden". Swedish Love was beaming with pride and joy.

Visiting the summer house in Greece
~ photo by Swedish Love, 2003

I remember travelling to Perhentian with him in 2001. It is ironic that I met Alex in Perhentian in 2002 and that was what ended my relationship with my Swedish romance.

Portrait of Otto,
~ photo by Swedish Love, 2002

Sometimes love isn't enough to sustain a relationship. If love could, I would have stayed with Alan. Or with Swedish Love. Fact was, I knew then and I still know it now, that there is no fast rules when it comes to love. If there was one rule, it is "Love is not enough".

And if there is a Rule Number Two, it would be "All is fair in love and war". You will understand what I mean some day, if you don't already do.


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why exactly 2 years?

6:38 am  

I bet you hooked up with him for his Swedish Meat Balls.

Haha. Haha. Ha.

6:47 am  

Well there is a reason why it is precisely two years... have you watched "Sweet November"? It's something like the female hero in the story...

If it is not a physical sickness, then it is sickness in the heart.... and you will find out the actual truth when my book is out. It will answer this question... and this is the question that is the most important of them all.

6:55 am  

Kenny le Sia
Some like coconuts... some like meatballs lor...... *winks*

6:56 am  

*Reading Otto's blog while eating meatballs and drinking coconut water*


*Stop eating*


8:25 am  

I LOVE SWEDISH MEATBALLS!!! esp the ones at IKEA!!! (maybe cuz those are the only ones i've ever tried)

10:05 am  

Sorry if some of my comments seem very off the handle. I've been skimming your posts. Nevertheless. I read this one.

There's something alluring about dating someone outside of our society's perception. I love how you take what you have given to each of your loves, and grown tremendously from that. It's helluva admirable! :) Takes a lot of strength I must say. I wonder if I have any of that in me...

*hugsies! :)

2:15 pm  

Swedish Meatballs go with Lingon Berry juice... or snapps..... not coconuts......

Boss Stewie
You can get Swedish Meatballs in Sainburys =) check the beef section..... don't trust in Ikea..............

2:21 pm  

I am just afraid you guys can't keep up with the boyfriends and exes lor... HAHAHAHAHA...

I just try my best to learn from each person... and I have been very blessed in finding men who really loved me a lot during our times together.

Get along very well with all of them, even after break-ups. Still in constant contact with High Sch Sweetheart and Swedish Love.

Alan got married recently and I think it is better not to be in contact =) but I still speak to his mom, if I do see her.

2:25 pm  

Hello Otto.

On hind-sight, if you dated Alex first instead of High School Sweetheart, do you think it would have lasted until now?

Or are you with Alex now because of all the experiences with the exes?(comparison etc)


2:32 pm  

sainsbury's IT IS!!!

11:33 pm  

You asked a very relavent question. It'd take me some time to write/comment abt it. Keep posted and I'll come up with the answer in a post soon!

Boss Stewie
Me hurrying to London before June starts. Duck rice here I come!!!

4:44 pm  

Dont know what made me come back here to check but you replied !

London? MEET UP!

5:42 pm  

I make it a point to answer all the comments forwarded to me =)

London? Meet up!! Yay!

1:46 am  

I think compared to other girls, the amount of boyfriends that you have isn't that much. And yes, how come 2 years? Is that erm...a criteria you set for yourself or isit just plain coincidence =P It is great that it all didn't ended up sour for you, seems like you're pretty comfortable talking bout it =)

9:49 pm  

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