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Saturday, September 03, 2005
Otto's MiniBoyFriends

I am sure that you will come across these men as you read About Nude Not Naked blog entries. With so many men and so little time, I have taken the liberty to list them bit by bit. Hopefully as I compile this section, you will find reading my stories easier.


  • You can hear me call him almost each morning, "What's for breakfast, papa?"

  • Father's a retired 62 year old English teacher.

  • I admire his love for fishing, despite being unable to fish anything bigger than a fish the size of my palm.
    Respecta to the man.

  • Father: When are you going to give me grandchildren?

    Otto: Here are your two grandchildren. Remember to pet them and love them.

    Father: Cats are not children. You can't compare cats to children.... *grumble grumble grumble*

    Since then he has warmed up to my two Persian cats and plays with them every evening, like all good grandfathers would.


  • The love of my life, Alex makes life so much more colorful. We have gone through a lot and visited many countries and cities together.

  • Whenever I am unable to sleep, Alex gives me a horsey ride. He will gallop up and down stairs, making me squeal with delight and exhausting me enough. Sleep comes easy then after.

  • He brings out the best in me and makes me feel good about myself. He cares deeply for my wellbeing and for that, I love him deeply.

  • It is never easy to love but loving Alex seems easy because he is so worthy of my loyalty and love.


  • Sports Adidas footwear 24/7.

  • We spent hours searching for the brightest neon signs in the city at 5 a.m.

  • He started dating his girlfriend a few weeks before he and I met.

  • They are still together.

  • AB is more addictive than anything known to me. It's been five years and I still think of all the endless nights of flashing lights and kissing under the shadows of clubs.

  • Most of my earlier writings are inspired by all the conversations and experiences I shared with AB. Nude, Not Naked was a vain attempt to immortalise my affections for this stranger in daylight.

  • Since our last last meeting on 31st Oct 2006, we have both moved on. And I hardly write about him anymore.

  • These days I imagine him discovering that I have a new car. It has the same carplate number as the car we used to ride together for years.

BGF (Best Guy Friend)

  • Our earliest conversations revolved around my ass, quite literally. As in 'Oh just look at that ass...'.

  • I think I was his 'busuk pillow' (trans: security blanket) of somesort. He sniffed my neck, especially in the mornings.

  • Every girl needs a male friend like BGF. He tells you the truth about men, no matter how painful the truth is. Pain now is much better than pain later.

  • Some people think that he and I are an item. I am mentioning this because we are not.

  • Nikki and BGF are in hiding since they were married in Dec 2006. I think they are trying to make babies.

  • I do not see him daily these days. But I am very happy whenever I bump into him and Nikki. He is far happier than when we first met years ago.


  • A greater painted and a melancholic soul, R is a free spirit who enjoys vodka, a smoke and a paint brush - all at once.

  • A trusted companion, we are each other's therapist. Saves loads of money this way, all while having grand breakfasts.

  • I think he does not give enough credit to himself, so I over compensate by praising him all the time. I think he likes me because of this.

  • We spent hours locked in his bedroom on Sundays, painting, reading, sleeping and watching movies. And when I am not wearing high heels, we would walk his two dogs, Vodka and Gin.

  • Whenever I feel blue, he literally picks me up. On his motorbike, that is. We go for a ride around the housing estate, so I can feel the wind blow against my face.


  • Owner and manager of Lola, a swanky dance club.

  • Has a string of girls ever eager to be his special friend. So far, none survived past the 30 day anniversary.

  • D is a good weekend clubbing buddy and 5 a.m. supper partner.

  • He calls at the strangest hours. Like 3 in the morning on a Tuesday.

  • He is but a phone call away if I ever want the latest news and juices around town. Which includes where the night time road blocks are and which clubs to avoid in case of raids.

  • The first time I saw and recognized him, I was drunk and stumbling out of his club on opening night. That should tell you a thing or two about our friendship.

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You're real feisty, Ms Otto the Nude!
Browsing your blog I like the openness and warmth that shine through my computer screen. So very ALIVE!!! Where do I apply to become one of your "miniboyfriends"? ;-)

7:20 am  

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