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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Favorite Childhood Photo

What is your past
but what you choose to remember.

This is my favorite childhood photo.
That is Little Miss Otto, riding on her plastic pony *smiles*

My father took this photograph and on its back is scribbled, "Otto, aged 2 years".

How retro can this photo be? Me dressed in 70s baby togs! And playing with an old skool toy, babe! Who needs PS2 when you have a plastic pony like mine?!?!

You can see my favorite toy in this photo. Take a look at the top left corner of the photo and you will see a toy deer. My mother said my 2nd babysitter's son took my favorite toy deer and poked my eye with it. It left a blood clot mark in my left eye, which only vanished when I was 10.

See the radio? Man, I saw a radio like the one in the photo sold in an antique shop at RM500 a pop! I should ask my dad whether he has that radio hidden somewhere in the storeroom =)

I loved everything about my childhood and in the coming days, I will post a photo and tell you a story from my childhood every day (until I run out of photos that was scanned in Nikki's).



So cute! I have a lot of childhood photos also. hehe...because my dad is into photography (way back during early 80s!). During that time, who better to become the model than the cute son. =)

On my 21st birthday, my parents actually organized all the photos and give it as a gift to me. they wrote on the album, "Footprints of growing up" in chinese.... it's the best gift i've ever received....

4:21 am  

Whoa! Finally! A photo of Otto without herself blurred! I reckon those who'd seen her unedited photos are lucky people...


4:32 am  

that's mean we are unlucky lor.

7:01 am  

My father took lots of photos of me when I was young too. I am the only one who has BABY pics (under 1 yr) and lots of pic of me modelling around... must be because I am a girl =)

Yes, childhood photos are the best gifts a parent can give their kids.... and education, of course...

Anon 4:32
Whoa! I am surprised you didn't remark how ugly I was as a child! Am still traumatised by songs my grandma used to sing abt me being ugly.......

*laughs* Ok, I promise that if my identity is not known by the time this blog turns one, I'll post a clear photo of myself on 22nd September 2006...

Erm, I panicking now... let's make it 22nd March 2007....

9:45 am  

Haha...wah.... March next year... that's a pretty long time to wait.

well, i think this is good. to know and like Otto slowly by who she is, instead of how she looks (like Xiaxue).

I am curious of course, but not anxious. =)

9:59 am  

I not curious, just anxious... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA....

10:04 am  

Hahaha... the good old care-free days...

4:06 pm  

So cute! :) I think firstborns and girls always get a lot of photos. My brother didn't get many photos. Hehe, but we've both grown very camera shy.

My favourite childhood photo has me eating ice cream on the swing outside my porch. I was/am? a fat kid. I think almost every other photo had my eating ice cream. My love for ice cream hasn't changed. :( LOL

4:19 pm  

Yeah, tell me about it... I don't really like growing up..... been delaying it for the pass 30 yrs.

Eating ice cream? Hehehehehhe... I like sorbets =) I have many photos of me with toys when I was young. Only noticed when I was scanning photos 2 days back.

What type of ice cream do you go for?

1:07 pm  

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