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Sunday, April 30, 2006
Of Adult Parties, Mat Salleh and Writing

This post is dedicated to Kuek on the 2nd May 2006.
Check out his comment to see just how adorable Kuek can be.

Adult Parties
Why is it that I seem to be speaking to Ian, each time I am preparing to go for a party? I haven't clue but there I was racing between the computer and the mirror at half pass 6:00 p.m. last evening.

This is yet another party. I would like to call it an Adult Party. Adult in the sense that there aren't any bootie shaking, girls sliding up each other or girls collapsing in the middle of the dance floor, supposedly from too much alcohol consumption. Adult in the sense that you carry smart conversation. Or at least pretend to be smart, from all the Discovery and National Geography information you've forced yourself to watch.

Shakira and Wyclef Jean were filling the airwaves with "Hips Don't Lie" and somehow that song brought back a lot of memories of nights spent laughing, looking, seducing, tempting, baiting and then rejecting, laughing again and counting how many complimentary drinks were sent to my table. Who had more? E or me? Never drank any of them. Doing all this for the fun of having the five seconds of attention and feeling rather smugged. It is the female version of a locker room chat.

Nights like that no longer exist. I was driving to my client's house last night. Yet another adult party. You know all those teeter tottering nights with vodka bottles, Kings and lots and lots of dancing and smoking days? I call it the "good old days" now.

Man, I feel old.

Actually I don't feel old. I feel a whole lot calmer in the last year than I have ever been in a long, long time. And although admittedly I sometimes wished that I could go out for Kiddie Parties (the good old days), feel forever young and carefree, I realised that perhaps it is indeed time for me to move on to Adult Parties. Leave the good old times on the shelf, classify them as the good old days and just move on to a whole new level.

Not necessarily boring or old fashion. It isn't without its crates of alcohol or smoking. Or dancing on the bar top, for that matter. All those nights with Gabriella, Nikki, Emma etc dancing on the podiums; the forever young at hearts. The only sheer difference is that they have to read a story to their little babies at home, wait till they are asleep and then head out to paint the night till the sun rise.

But that is with the core group. It is a whole different kettle of fish when it is your client. So recalling the last Adult Party dressed in bikini, I was mindful and wore a sweet lacy blouse with my well worn and failproof pair of jeans. Small cluth to hold everything together and off I went.

Mat Salleh
"Never seen you with so much cloth," my chief of staff said, while we were smiling and acknowledging different people at the party.

A blouse so decent, even MENJ will approve.

"You don't want to know about the time when I was at Gabriella's party," I injected.

"I've heard of that. Client ABC said that she never knew you were so Mat Salleh." Chief of staff then pretended to hold a bottle and shake it.

There. This is what I mean. No one talks about the good things but the moment you do something bad/naughty, the whole freaking town knows about it. Now everyone's going to think I am a bloody alcoholic (when you and I know that the alcoholic titles go to YC and Kinky Blue Fairy without contest). Even my staff who did not know about the party, knew about the vodka and the bikini top.

This is fucken great! Why doesn't anyone talk about what the awareness I am trying to raise for SPCA? Or I trying my best to offer information for sex education? Or the little parcels my company gives out to a few orphanages every year end? Only the bad things make the rounds. Argh!

I must redeem myself. I must redeem myself. I must redeem myself.

This is going to be a very long topic. I can just see it. I have written for more than a year with six months of it, public on the Nude, Not Naked and About Nude, Not Naked blogs. Thus far, it has been a really pleasant journey, with a few surprises thrown in.

I wonder if my readers realised some things about things that I have written. It is quite difficult to say since I do know if you have realised that there are more often than not, hidden meanings within the writings itself.

You Think You Know Me Well But You Don't - Part 3 is a rather long entry and it plays on the repeated words (which is written in such ways on purpose). The message I wanted to relay to my readers laid in the first few lines of You Think You Know Me Well But You Don't.

Sometimes when I sip on drinks (especially sweet drinks), I remember a time when everything tasted bitter to me. It was an emotionally taxing time, one that gives me all these stories that I am telling you. And perhaps offer you a very dark perception of relationships and love. There were more than one occasion when I sat and cried because I realised that the drink was supposed to be sweet and pleasant to taste. Yet it tasted like nothing when I drank it.

That moment when you realised that it ought to be sweet is a moment of total hopelessly. The saddest moment in life isn't when you taste the bitterness of the drink. The saddest moment (of the whole drinking experience) is KNOWING that you should have sweet taste on your tongue but all you HAVE is bitterness.

This is an analogy for life. Because like a sweet lychee drink or Teh Ais, your life is meant to be sweet; no matter who you are. All of us deserve a happy life - from kings to the common people, from the richest to the poorest among us, from the famous to the infamous. Living is all about hope for a better future. The moment you realised that you are despaired when you should have been happy, you have ran out of hope and that is what makes everything you experience (including taste) bitter.

There are other smaller ideas which I wanted to share but shared in a story format, so readers have to read between the lines. I loved the whole concept of a secret within a passage, thus my love for The Little Prince and Da Vinci's Code. I am naturally a curious person, I love exploring and finding little treasures within everything (conversations, physical objects etc).

There are so many things that I wished that I could share with all my readers but my fingers can only type that many words in a day and I have time constraints. But I guess we will get there some day, so enjoy the ride, babes!

Small Talk
The original version of the "Writing" paragraph is listed below. I was quite in a hurry when I wrote the post and perhaps "The Death of Blogs" was not the best example I should have given. It made me look quite egocentric, which I am not, at least not on a daily basis.

So here is the original version, which "The Death of Blogs" as the example. And the altered version in the post above, that shows me in better non-diva light. Hehehehhe...

This is going to be a very long topic. I can just see it. I have written for more than a year with six months of it, public on the Nude, Not Naked and About Nude, Not Naked blogs. Thus far, it has been a really pleasant journey, with a few surprises thrown in.

I wonder if my readers realised some things about things that I have written. It is quite difficult to say since I do know if you have realised that there are more often than not, hidden meanings within the writings itself.

Take the Death of Blogs as an example. No one remarked my last sentence, which was: "So now I herald the death of blogs and the soon death of mine." I was comtemplating closing down the blogs at that point in time and no one seemed to realise that it was basically what I wanted to say. It all boiled down to my very last sentence of the post and to the last 5 words.

Did I write in such a way that is so subtle that not many caught what I was trying to put across?

Okay, I am off to watch The March of the Penguins... Catch you some time soon, babes."




Well, we did find out that counters do wonders from that particular post, didn't we? lol.

9:48 am  

Yes, we did, didn't we GB? Now I have more of you to love =)

9:51 am  

Haha... I believe MENJ will condemn you for apparently posting a close up of your 'dirty-pillows' (HAHAHAHA) online instead...

Hey, I get the 'death of blogs' hint okay? Keep writing, and I know you will...

10:52 am  

*whispers to Ian*
I speak to you almost on a daily basis. If you don't get the hint, I don't knw who would!

10:55 am  

was it in one of your earlier posts? I remember wondering about it when I went through your archives but didn't leave a comment because well, you were still blogging after that particular post! so, its not that no one took notice Otto :D

12:52 pm  

totally love the victorian top...makes u look kinda gothic doesnt it?
watched March of the penguin yesterday. Better than any love story in the world.

1:01 pm  

Yay! My readers are smart!! Am glad to hear some 'voices' out there because it seems almost strange to be writing and being read by more than 200 readers per day, yet hardly receives comments.....

I do like to know my readers too, you know =)

GB sorted me out by asking me to install the sitemeter. And VOILA! I found all of you out there *hugs*

I wished I could do Gothic. Don't carry that look well... but yes, I LLURVEEEEEEEEEEE the top... hehehe, I am going to the embassy next Thurs wearing it. Got interview.......

1:17 pm  

there there!! I shall stand up to be counted as one of ur readers!

3:34 pm  

Boss Stewie
Yay!!!!! Now I knw Boss Stewie reads ANNN!!! The world doesn't feel so lonely anymore....!

3:44 pm  

I get the death of blogs hint also... That was the second or third time I read your don't care about your blog so much yet.... :P

So to make up for that...

"Oh Otto, please don't stop writing... please please please please.... That will make me so sad..." *tears in my eyes*

5:28 pm  

Yeah Otto don't stop writing, seriously!!

I haven't got time to read all your posts at the moment but I want to read once my exams are over. WHICH ARE SOON.

YAY. I want to read all your posts from the beginning to the end. Like a good book. And a while back you mentioned to email you in case I wanted to talk in private and I might take you up on that offer. Soon though. Time is the enemy for me at the moment. ><

PLEASE KEEP WRITING!! *hugsies. :)

8:36 pm  

Wah Kuek, you damn adorable!! I laughed so much when I read your reply. Didn't expect my readers to be so adorable....!!! So I have a surprise for you - reread the entry again and you'll see.

Oh Mae, I am not going to stop writing. I am just curious if my readers did pick up subtle hints - the finer things that I wanted to say.

Well I've changed the example and perhaps this time, it will not sound fo egocentric.

*muah* Best wishes for your exams... !!!!

1:22 am  

You sure menj would approve? hehe :)

2:41 am  

Count me in!!

3:35 am  

Well MENJ hasn't banned me from his blog as of this minute =)

You are in!

5:11 am  

awwwww.......that's sooo sweet.... *sob sob*

8:13 am  

Yeah, keep writing. How can you let go now that you've so many supporters here? Hahaha... Didn't know about the existence of your blog then. Newbie here ;)

12:00 pm  

You so adorable mah.....

Just talked to Good Editor who was suggesting some things that I should do in the next 6 mths. If all go well, then the book will be out along with spreads in Juice and/or FHM.


2:17 pm  

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