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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Nude, Not Naked - the book project

Everything found on and are the private properties of Otto. The work will soon be converted into a book, which I hope rivals "Beijng Doll" and "Shanghai Baby".

For further information, please leave a comment. Thank you.

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All right, me want further info.

4:27 am  

Dear Eliar,

How kind of you to drop by. I've been reading your blog with interest.

So what further info that you are seeking? If it's some chapters from Nude, Not Naked, then just go to for a taste of things to come.

Otherwise..... gmail, gmail... we'll talk in private... Mmmm...

8:08 am  

otto. i'm confused. "nude, not naked". "about nude, not naked".
which is the supposedly fiction story and which is real? i've been reading "nude,not naked" from the start. haven't finish it though. at the same time reading your latest posts in "about nude, not naked".
there are some same characters in both! wahh..damn confuse.
can you clear things up for me?

11:25 pm  

Nude, Not Naked is the book project. It is going to be semi-autobiographical. Semi autobiographical because the stories are part real and part imagined.

Can't make it a 100% autobiography because of legal requirements.

About Nude, Not Naked is the blog posts I write, to inform readers abt my personal life. All of it is REAL, with real people and real stories.

Hope this helps for the moment.

5:09 am  

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