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Sunday, September 18, 2005
About Nude, Not Naked

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.
~ Oscar Wilde

Some things I should write about before proceeding with my stories:

“Nude, Not Naked” is meant for a discerning audience.
I respect the many values found in the world, be it religious or cultural. I try my best to avoid offending anyone. If I have offended you in a way or another, let me first apologize for it is not my intention.

In return, I appreciate some respect and I hope it is not too much to ask. Everyone has a story to tell and this is mine.

”Nude, Not Naked” is my first attempt at writing.
In this respect, I am vain. I have an innate need to immortalise my words in a book. However as you, my readers know, this is my first, so I am sure to make mistakes along the way. Bear with me as I learn the art of story telling.

The phrase “Nude, Not Naked” and the contents on this site will eventually be turned into a book. Feel free to read, quote etc from this site. Just bear in mind that this is my property and I don’t want legal complications when it is published.

”Nude, Not Naked” is meant for readers above the legal age in their respective countries.
The one thing that I learnt from the Swedes is sex (the human form, nude or naked, human sexual nature etc) is natural and is part and parcel of being a human. In my personal life, I endeavour to tell the truth regarding sex and to offer honest answers to anyone seeking to know about sex.

Children learn best imitating from their environment. I believe it is the duty of a parent to guide his/her child in sexual and relationship matters. As “Nude, Not Naked” deals a lot with relationships (to be exact, a post mortem of my relationships with the many men who shaped my life), it contains ideas that a parent might not approve of due to religious or cultural beliefs.

In the event that this happens, I suggest that you, as a parent, use the stories from “Nude, Not Naked” as a springboard to discuss what you deem is right and wrong; and share your personal values with your child.

In my humble opinion, it is far better that a child learns about sex from his/her parents than through teenage experiments or worst, through hogwash teenage (or pre-teens) banter. Or any sites such as mine.

And finally - ”Nude, Not Naked” refers to the state where a lot of these stories are derived. It is an objective observation of love, life, relationships and sex. The stories are not always perfect or happy, as you will soon discover. What I can promise is that it is raw and honest.

”Nude, Not Naked” does not publish any nude or naked photographs of the human form.

As my good friend, Hot said a long time ago: “Enjoy the ride”.

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this is true :)

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