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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
The Pretty Girl’s Guide to A Fantastic Love Life

Now here is the deal when it comes to the pretty girl, one that was destined to be beautiful. Men offer to buy cinema tickets for her, if the queue is long. She gets extra large scoops of ice cream each time she buys one from Hagen Daz. Bouncers let her in just because she is adorable. Old ladies smile and pat her head because they think she is a darling, obedient, kind, generous young person. Uncooperative clients will smile and cooperate when she walks through the door. The big boss on the 31st floor remembers her name and greets her in the lift. Boutiques offer discounts for all her purchases, often keeping delicate pieces for her to view before being displayed. Cheers are louder when she walks up the stage.

Everyone is envious of the pretty girl. After all, the pretty girl has everything, isn’t it? The looks, the attention, the privilege, the everything. Who would not want everything? Now would you believe me that a pretty girl cries over than the average Jane? Would you trust me if I say that most pretty girls have failed relationships?

Think Princess Diana. Think Elizabeth Taylor. Think Marilyn Monroe. With literally thousands upon thousands of men worshipping at their feet, pretty girls often lead sad and lonely lives. And if the bigger sisters of pretty girls get burnt badly by relationships, what hope is there left for the pretty girl on your block?

For the pretty girl, her blessing is her curse. Blessed by beauty, she is often the eye candy for men and women around her. Most make assumptions of her and those who know her normally would know her superficially.

Failed relationships are the norm in the pretty world. For the average girl, a man is first attracted to you physically. Then he would spend time to know you, know your dreams and your hopes. He knows the desires of your heart. But for the pretty girl, it often ends at the beginning. A man is attracted to her physical beautiful and is so overwhelmed by her beauty, he does not take step to know her person. He does not know her heart. He does not know what she likes for breakfast in the morning. He does not know what she dreams at night.

And if you ask any pretty girl, more often than not, she would tell you she left her partner because he did not know her heart. So you see, the world is fair. The pretty girl often having everything accessible, will find relationship matters tricky and end up quite unhappy. The average girl, on the other hand, having just average in most things, stand a greater chance of winning the love and attention of a good man.

Average girls have better luck with the men. It is ironic. I know.

Here is the pretty girl’s guide to a fantastic love life. Read closely because no amount of fengshui tips from Lilian Too will help as much as these little pearls of wisdom for the pretty girl.

Guide One - Choose a man for his heart.
Do not be fooled by what your relatives say:
  • “You so pretty, sure easy marry rich man and have easy lifestyle”

  • “Ah Girl, you make use of the opportunity! Marry that Datuk’s son since he can take care of you. Guarantee you happy one!”

  • “You pretty, he super millionaire. Can love you and give you lots of things”

A pretty girl must be wise and choose a man for his heart. Do not be tempted by the rich and powerful. Do not be fooled for a moment that you can have the easy life and be happy. Women who live on the fast lane die by the roadside.

Open your eyes and recognize men for their characters. Choose a man who treats you well and loves you deeply for your heart. Acknowledge strong desirable qualities such as trust, kindness and intelligence in men. Never use your beauty to manipulate a man into loving you because he will love a younger version of you when you turn 40. Do so only if you are prepared for a downgrading exercise later in life.

Guide Two – Never Choose A Man For His Looks.
The obvious and most natural choice for most girls is to marry someone who is physically attractive. However “pretty girl + good looking guy” is about the worst combination ever. Why? Because both partners will be fighting for the attention of the masses.

A pretty girl has to remember that she is so used to being the centre of attention. She might not realise that she is quite unwilling to share the attention with another person (what more a man!!) until she attends parties with Mr. Hey Good Looking. Chances are, both partners will be competing for the attention, the compliments and the “Who’s Who” section in major publications.

Just as you get away with your pouts and sulking, an attractive guy does the same. Both of you are so used to getting your way. So tell me, Miss Pretty and Mister Handsome, who is going to compromise and humble himself/herself in an argument?

Guide Three – Choose a man for his intentions.
A pretty girl must realise that she opts to be a trophy wife, she must also be prepared to be kept in the corner after a couple of years of collecting dust. She either has to continue to fight for to be the main prize or resign herself to the corner.

I know of a young 27 year old girl who chose to be a trophy wife. She did a liposuction when she was 4 months pregnant and a botox jab immediately after delivery (while she was still breastfeeding). It is sad to see cases like this but she loved her Paris-KL-Melbourne lifestyle too much to let it go.

A smart pretty girl will find a partner who loves her personality and character. She will choose a man who thinks she is smart and witty. She will choose a man who treats her as his beloved wife, not some companion he could show off to his friends and business partners.

Guide Four – Never underestimate the not so attractive man.
A pretty girl should not turn away a not so attractive man, just because she has the social calendar of a New York fashion editor during the NY Fashion Week. Yes, you can look great with the hunky model or the shipping tycoon. But you look greater with the guy with glasses.

it is logical, if you think about it. Good looking men do not need to try as hard as their not so attractive brothers. Good looking men have women throwing themselves at them. So what if you are pretty? Mr. Good Looking can find another Miss Pretty to replace you at the click of a finger.

But it is a different story for the not so attractive man. The not so attractive men often work harder to earn your attention and love. They love you more, treat you better and put in more effort to be with you. They treat you like their most treasured possession and at the end of the day, is that not the dream of every girl, pretty or otherwise?

Hold this Guide close to your heart. Remember it by hard. Share it with your friends, if you think it is true. Or offer a constructive comment if you think what I wrote is crap.

Now go forth, be fruitful and multiply.

Note to readers:
Please take note that this post is a GUIDE for a fantastic love life. Just because most girls are attracted to scumbags of the universe, it does not in any way proof that they are having a FANTASTIC love life. As Jos had noted earlier in his comment, powerful and rich men often had beautiful girls around them all the time. After getting kicked like a rolling ball, the girl can crawl back to him, smile and adore him still and by definition, that is NOT A FANTASTIC LOVE LIFE.

The realisation therein is, this is a guide for those who wants a fantastic love life and this is the gist of the post.



your blog is so lame.. please stop!

9:41 am  

i think the guide is good for all girls pretty or not. :>

9:55 am  

Its nothing to do with looks, but everything to do with maturity. Pretty or not, most girls have terrible taste in men right up to their 30s and end up getting burned by dating people seemingly everyone except them knew was class A jerk.

Sometimes, even the girl still continues to carry a torch for the guy even when she knows he's a jerk. Possibly she believes she can change him (although about 600 other women have tried, and failed). I'm sure you (like the rest of us) have seen it before. It almost always ends badly, no scratch that, it ALWAYS ends badly.

The fact of the matter is that you can preach all you want, but people (male and female) choose mates based on a) looks, b) money and c) power. A rich man will never lack beautiful women, even if he looks like a toad (see Donald Trump). A hunk will be surrounded by subservient women, even if he is the biggest asshole this side of planet earth. And thats the way the world works.

10:13 am  

Well written. Time to write "The Guide for not so Handsome Guy to A Fantastic Love Life" haha..

11:11 am  

It's an interesting read...I enjoyed it :)

11:51 am  

Anon 9:41 a.m.
I am sorry you feel that way.

The guide is good for girls who are smart =)

*smiles* You've observed very well. I must agree with all that you've commented here. However I have also seen enough to appreciate a man who is nice to me. Nothing to do with money. Nothing to do with fame. Nothing to do with good looking or not.

I want a man who makes me laugh and makes life more meaningful. I want someone who is reponsible and who thinks of me in every decision he makes. I want a man who heals my heart and kisses my sadness away. I want a man who will has good intentions for me and makes me become the best that I can be. Those are the things that I cannot buy with money and that is what I want.

Maybe not what other girls want. But most certainly what I want out of a man, for the ways of the world is not my way and the wants of the world is hardly mine.

Will write when inspriration strikes.

Thank you!

2:48 pm  

Nice work u got there. Makes us average joes at least see some light of hope.

btw, uncle ho's apprentice is ur regular blog reader which i stumbled upon from fireangel.

-Uncle Ho's Apprentice-

8:47 pm  

Hm... Pretty girls, I always thought had more trouble keeping up a facade than anybody else. They seem to be able to get away with everything only because they can. Everyone's always a little lonely.

I think I'm an average girl, but I really would not say that my luck has been any better than any pretty girl I know.

9:02 pm  

hmmm... pretty girls, don't really know much about them.. they often have momentary beauty, once you get to know them, it's an empty shell, only concerned with the physical instead of the emotional. I have yet to meet a beautiful woman that's more than just good looks. (oh wait, I met her . :P)

but I agree, good looks comes with a price. Although, isn't it weird that most of the rich powerful men in the world are fat,ugly, balding caucasian men? ahahahhaha (btw not being a racist, just stating the facts)

cheers as always!

1:16 am  

For the case of rich men being fat, bald and ugly, I think they are trying to recompansate themselves.... quite fair what.... then they stand equal chance to win a pretty girl and balance their gene pool and have better looking kids.

It's called social evolution... HAHA!

1:36 am  

Uncle Ho
Why call yourself Uncle Ho's Apprentice?

I know quite a number of really gorgeous girls who prefer ordinary looking men with extraordinary love for them.

Perhaps that is because others do not think that you are average but see you above average? *smiles*

1:40 am  

If only the whole world had women of the same thinking or beliefs. That goes the same for the masculine side as well.

But I suppose if that happened, there'll be a central wall dividing both sexes and before birth, Adam and Eve would be plucking fruits at only the same tree grown at their walls. :P

Sorry if being a little on the artistical philosphical side.

3:51 am  

My sifu is a very good business man that benefits mankind is some kind of way.


-Uncle Ho's Apprentice-

6:41 am  


dun stop, ur blog is not lame. it's my inspiration

4:12 am  

"I want a man who makes me laugh and makes life more meaningful. I want someone who is reponsible and who thinks of me in every decision he makes. I want a man who heals my heart and kisses my sadness away. I want a man who will has good intentions for me and makes me become the best that I can be. Those are the things that I cannot buy with money and that is what I want."

I so agree with that. I think most girls would want a man to make her feel special in every way possible.

6:14 pm  

The world is colorful because everyone is a little different from each other. You will never know for certain what will happen 3 seconds from you and that is something that we live for.

I think living would be boring if everyone and everything was predictable.

Uncle Ho's Apperentice
I'll check the sites later ok =)

Oh I won't be stopping anytime soon...... Thanks for enjoying this blog. Readers like yourself gives me much support and inspiration to write more daily.

For the record (so I can imagine who I am talking to) are you a man or a woman? Cos I'd reply to your comments differently if your gender is different =)

As for woman wanting to feel special - Women want to be cherished and men want to be appreciated.

1:34 am  

Woman of course. A young lady hehe... "Loveblaze" doesn't sound like something a guy would use.

4:54 am  

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