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Thursday, April 20, 2006
The Mad Hatter's Party

No, I am not attending any party dressed as Alice in Wonderland. However I feel like I am chasing after the elusive White Rabbit who was late for the Mad Hatter's Party in the famous nursery story. Errands are piling up and I need to get through them by 5:00 p.m. today. Will be submitting my visa application at the British Embassy tomorrow and have the whole weekend off consisting of some well deserved shopping in KLCC and lots of coffee and perhaps a little alcohol *smiles*

I have something in mind to write but have not found the time to put the thoughts into words just yet. It usually takes me two hours to write the first copy and another one hour to proof read, so I will need to find spare time to do it later this evening. I also have an appointment with Good Editor for another piece of work, which is much longer than the usual one page. It simply means I need to spend more time on the article (then crossing my fingers that I get paid more, to fund my ever increasing penchant for nice stuff).

Somewhere between all these things, I need to work because it feeds and clothes me at the moment. And find time to maybe to all the girl stuff (cutting my damn long finger nails!!) and time to buy some cat sand for dear Milo's toilet facilities. And find time for sleep! I am lacking of sleep for the pass few nights and will need some soon. Or I'd collapse and will truly be unable to write for a while! Now you and I don't want that to happen, right? I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts as much I enjoy writing them down.

So while I am busy with all the stuff listed above times a kabillion times, please feel free to read my book project, entitled Nude, Not Naked. It was what made me start writing this blog, so you might want to check out the story. Do not confuse the hero in that section because it is semi-autobiography and semi-fiction. My favourites are Fix You and And That's How You Know. Am quite embarrassed by some of the earlier posts because it lacked fluency and depth.... but I guess it shows how my writing has evolved.

I would appreciate if you would spare 5 minutes to participate in Nude, Not naked's sex survey. Or join the many well wishers in their quest to talk to SCB, a fellow blogger who remains in a coma as you are reading this.

Am thinking of you guys as I run my errands. Enjoy!




NNN is semi fiction?? Aiyoh... now only I know...

3:28 am  

About Nude Not Naked is 100% true. These are the stories from my life. All that you have read so far are about things that happened in my life.


For the book project, I cannot claim it as "100% true" because of legal reasons =) so have to say Nude, Not Naked is semi fictional.

Hope you understand.

1:28 am  

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