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Friday, April 21, 2006
Chasing The Nude

It is 8:30 a.m. and I am about to join the mad rush into the city. Here is a little game for you guys around KLCC area. I will be there and in the British Embassy around noon. Let's see if any of you can catch the elusive bunny named Otto. I am wearing a black blouse, a blue pair of skinny jeans and heels that will rival the Petronas Twin Tower *muahahaha*

It isn't everyday that Little Miss Otto comes out to play in the open. Come with your digital camera. Come with your phone camera! Just come... and try to catch a little glimpse of The Nude in the flesh, if you can.

Till then, here is a dose of lurve!!!!

I'll think of you while I sip on coffee later,



I think fantasy will always multiple the sensation of meeting the woman for a first time. LoL! Anyway, I'll just wait for those 'horny' eager beavers to snap the photos and post it on their blogs later.

If they find you that is. :P Cheers.

3:03 am  

Gasp! What's with taking the daring plunge? I thought you would secure your anonymity at all costs? Or was that a mere trap and decoy??? Anyways, I'm not there to catch a glimpse of you anyway... Hahaha...

3:15 am  

Aiyah..... Too bad i live in JB. Or else will bring some carrots to try catch the bunny.... :P haha...

3:23 am  

i dun think so otto is that hard to spot. :>
Sexy chics always make heads turn.

4:29 am  

Sexy is when you see some flesh and leaving the rest to the imagination. The same goes for knowing a woman. It is far more seductive to know a little and not knowing all =) at least this is my opinion.... maybe others do not feel the same.

Ian... Ian... Ian... I will not forget what you did to my photos in photoshop, babe..... *laughs*

You live in JB, then I will go to JB lah..... a friend of mine keeps buying pirated DVDs from there lei!

You are right! Men looked and looked again! But it wasn't because I was sexy or anything.

I was going around pushing my friend's baby's stroller clumsily, apologizing along the way.

1:25 am  

Hmmm... so does that mean that Ian has seen the real Otto?

4:49 am  

Okay! I wait for you then. When it come to buying pirates, JB people are all experts. :P

and if you want good food, i can bring you and you friends around. hehe... just drop me a mail.

9:20 am  

Ian hasn't seen my face. He conteng my face in Photoshop! =P

Wahahahaha... buy pirated from JB. Can lar... next time, if ever I drop by, I'll email you ok =)

2:13 am  

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