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Friday, September 02, 2005
All About The Girls

Girlfriends are God's gift to us. They are there to laugh with us and sometimes wickedly at us. Girlfriends make stupid fat jokes when you ask, "Am I fat?" and make great coffee buddies.


  • If we were to use the characters from Sex and the City as a guide, E would be very much Charlotte. Innocent and sweetly batting her eyes into everyone's company.

  • Passion of the moment: Saving money to purchase the most ridiculously priced bags and shoes available in StarHill and KLCC.

  • Friendship moment was when she sent me to KLIA when I was to board an airplane to Stockholm. She sang me "Me and My Shadow". Both of us cried all the way to the airport. Damn!

  • Feeling chuffed after surviving a night of seven shots of Tequila, E said, "Guess what? I drank seven shots of Tequila and I was fine! I even managed to walk home!". Guy friend standing behind her stuck out his tongue, motioned his right hand across his throat and staggered a few silent steps left and right. E was soooooooooo gone that she could not even remember a thing. MUAHAHAHAHAHA....


  • Queen of consuming superior quality goods, if not luxury.

  • Bough the most expensive ironing board I have ever heard existed - RM280.00. Tell me if you have an even more expensive ironing board and I will treat you to a shot of vodka.

  • I once remarked that owning a pet is similar to her experience of raising her daughter.

    Daughter sick, she send to the hospital.
    Milo sick, I send to the vet.

    Daughter needs attention, she cuddles and loves.
    Milo needs attention, I cuddle and love.

    Daughter needs milk and water.
    Milo needs his favourite dry biscuit and water.

    PY was offended.... till one day, she asked, "Eh I wonder if your Milo wants to have my daughter's toys... she has outgrown them." Three seconds after uttering those words, she laughed and agreed that it could be possible that raising her daughter was quite similar to me raising my hairy puss, Milo.

  • PY's Sex and the City character, naturally would be Miranda.


  • Nikki is a survivor from the Dec 26th Tsunami. She was on Koh Phi Phi when the waters swept her away.

  • BGF was supposed to join her on the fateful day but we sat watching BBC without any news from Nikki.

  • "So should I still go? BGF asked me.

    "Do you love her?" I asked.

    "Of course I do,"

    "Then go find her and bring her home," I said with a smile.

    We packed some things for him to bring to Nikki and after two weeks nursing her, she returned to the UK and BGF to Malaysia. They were together in the UK last year. A fascinating feeling meeting BGF in Leicester Square for roast duck rice.

  • Now Nikki stays with BGF in Malaysia and in turn, we (Nikki and I) became good friends.

  • We meet for coffee and shop every so often, when our schedules permit.

  • Nikki is warm and extremely intelligent. Her Scottish roots shine through with her witty comments and sharp tongue.

  • Most likely to see us trawling the shopping malls and having coffee in Starbucks.



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