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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Top Three Rules When Buying Your Man A Fabulous Present

Surrounded by men since the day I was born, I am confident when it comes to buying ingenious gifts for men. Just remember these top three rules the next time you shop for the men in your life, be it your lover, husband, father or brothers. Or even your boss.

When it comes to buying men presents, try searching for a gift that…
  • Has varying movements - spins, turns, flips, flies etc.

  • Has lots and lots of flashing lights and/or makes a lot of noises.

  • Has many buttons and switches that he can explore.

The general rule is the more you are able to fulfil the above criterions, the more happy and satisfied your man will be.

I remember a Christmas when I bought all the men in my household a toy control car each. I do not need to tell you how excited the three boys were, laughing and playing with their toys while sat on the front porch. The toys gave them endless hours of pleasure.

Two years ago Alex received a PS2 complete with more than 30 game titles. Last year Alex received a coupon to purchase a flat screen TV of his choice (or was it LCD, am not sure). He is yet to redeem it though because he is such a greedy little boy.

I bought my father a flying machine sometime ago and once, I got my brothers a toy ninja mouse, which moved to “Kung Fu Fighting”. I bought AB his favourite bike, which he could have weekend project assembling the toy.

And for The Bachelor’s coming 39th birthday, I have decided on purchasing him a luxury control bike/car. His favourite Ducati would be perfect since he raced in the Finnish Amateur Circuit in his 20s; a part time hobby he kept while he chased every available skirt then.

Men are simple creatures sometimes. I do not understand why some women are absolutely possessive of their men. Some women make the mistake of thinking a relationship has to be serious, where play and fun have no place. The biggest mistake you can make as a woman (other than not taking care of your physical self or being the bitch from hell) is to be upset each time he comes home with a nifty gadget or toy. Or saying that he has wasted money AGAIN. Instead, you should take an interest in your man's toy. Ask questions and try exploring the new toy with him whenever your man comes home with a box of boyhood goodies. You will be surprised how warm men will be when you show some interest in simple things that make them happy.

Never force your men to grow up. Every smart woman knows, MEN NEVER GROW UP. They just grow old.

These little things improve relationships tremendously, so be a sweetheart, race yourself to the nearest shopping mall and buy yourself some extra love by purchasing your boy’s wet dream – a gadget that is flashy and noisy, with the most buttons and switches you can afford.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Now that's some true insight into us simple creatures. We really don't grow up. If we did, then there'd be two women in the relationship instead of one :D

4:01 am  

Its been a while since I drop by.. =)

6:19 pm  

Was that a compliment?

How's life? Eating lots of Mandarins and getting bloated like balloon like I did?

3:30 am  

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