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Monday, January 22, 2007
Songs of Alex

~ Perhaps by Doris Day.

My hands tremble when you are near. See, my hands are trembling now. They only tremble when you are around. They dance to an unknown rhythm. Maybe my hands are dancing because of you. Maybe they are dancing for something that my mind is yet to know.

My heart skips a beat whenever I see you smile. Thump, thump, thump, my heart goes like a little leather drum. Even if there are ten thousand laughing in the room, my ears only hear yours. I know your laughter. My heart recognizes your laughter as tiny melodies of joy, floating gently into my very essence. And yet sometimes it beats so hard, I swear that my heart leapt out into yours.

Everything in my life is beautiful because of you. Colours appear more vibrant and each sound more distinct. Each cloud is whiter and even the grey skies seem brighter. What used to be a burden now appears lighter. Is it because your love gave me wings to soar when everything was dragging me down?

I now know why lovers say, “you take my breath away”. I can hardly breathe when I catch you looking at me. Those eyes of yours, they look deep into mine. Your eyes strip me bare and all that is left is just who I am inside. What is it that you see when you look at these brown eyes? Do you mind what you see?

Do not touch me for I fear that I would melt away. Do not kiss me less I disappear like the morning rain. Love is only beautiful when it is fragile. I feel my breath slipping away again. I think I am in love with you. “Do you love me?” I asked you many times. Each time I do, your answer is “perhaps, perhaps, perhaps”. Perhaps that is why I am still here. I am here because I can never be too sure.

Love make the strongest man shy and the weakest woman bold.

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