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Thursday, January 25, 2007
The Goo

Help Wouter get rid of the hideous photo below!
What started as a tease has turned into a game. I will only write a new post when this particular post receives 25 comments, ranging from totally silly "FIRST" to whatever creative you can think of.
Failing which I'll post another photo of something gross.

You have been warned.

"And you thought you had cancer..." my mom said as she popped it. I could hear her sarcasm. "Well would you rather me suffer cancer instead of a septic pimple?" I asked her.

"I am in no hurry to die..." I said a few seconds later, looking at this amazing amalgamate of green icky stuff, germs and antibodies.

My left index finger with all the goo that popped out last night.
Neat, huh?

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You better make some posts quick because this right on your main page is plain jucky :SSS

12:48 pm  

I've decided to leave this post on until I get 25 comments under this post, hahahaha...... do you think I'll get them soon?

Or you'll have to post 23 more times, Wout.

1:54 pm  

wtf ew.

there. 22 more comments to go

6:49 pm  

HAHA, I had that same freak out at midnight. Except it wasn't a septic pimple but some funny growth.

It's been a while Otto, I've still been reading, sorry for the lack of replies. :)

21 more to go :)

5:11 am  


5:12 am comment also cannot ah???

6:17 pm  

-.- i cannot believe this.. and here i was thinking it'd go away if i ignored it.


6:58 pm  


I've been reading your blog from the beginning but I've always chosen to be a silent observer. But, silent I can be no more. That thing's just too much. It must be gone so here's one more comment. The things icky goey goo make people do.

12:27 pm  

I love what you have written but pls write some new posts.

2:54 am  

Time to spam yet?

2:24 am  

You know i went to the movies tonight... deja vu. It was quite allright but i made a foll out of myself by bursting into laughter at the romance scene between the cop and the victim... so hollywood i just couldnt stop myself from laughing out loud at the cheesyness.

2:26 am  

On a completely other note though i am trying to win a macbook via I think i am addicted.

2:27 am  

How much is 25-12?

2:27 am  

(Wouters skitzo side replies) Hmm i seriously have no idea. i was wondering about 25-13 myself.

2:28 am  

25-13 hmm, well my roughest guess would be that, that would be one less than 25-12 no?? Maybe we should cooperate with one another

2:29 am  

(Wouters skitzo side replies) cooperate.... NEVER!

2:31 am  

Anyone wanna finish this off? I feel kind of wierd talking to myself. Then again I did burst into spontaneous laughter in a very quiet cinema just now

2:32 am  

oh jeez 10 minutes passed already. Who couldv guessed

2:33 am  

Sorry, was out of the country. I've been around for a while, and I'm still loving your style of writing as much as I did when I first dropped by.

And I just had breakfast. Hhhmmm...

3:23 am  


And get to work lazy bum... don't use lack of comments as an excuse!

5:36 am  

Dear All
Well some people threaten blog suicides for attention. I happen to come up with a new formula....

Come on, boys and girls. 4 more to go... and the new post will come out.

5:58 am  

oh my... it's still there !!!
3 more to go !!!

6:57 am  

lol, there i've done my part

7:32 am  

You know how some blogs have ppl coming in with comments such as "first" or whatever?

Well this is 24th! Me! I am 24th! Yay!

Ok now boys and girls, someone please come up with one more. I have a new post just waiting.

7:35 am  

Yay! I'm 25! :P

1:15 pm  

You might want to remove it completely... like as if it never existed and stufff... okbyethnx

2:32 am  

Oh Wout, you know that I hardly get comments and I have 26 on this post alone.... that's like 8 posts worth of comments on average.

Nope. I'd leave the comments and post here. So I can come see the disgusting space alien of a thing and the fact that I had 27 comments!!!


2:34 am  

*spank wouter*
no wouter!
bad wouter!
spamming baaaaad!


see u in amsterdam this november!!!

4:10 pm  

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