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Monday, February 05, 2007
It's My Party!

Birthdays are strange things. I have many photos of me standing behind a birthday cake when I was a young child of 2 to 6 years. I had retro clothes and mushroom inspired haircuts. And there was the birthday cake, which was actually not a birthday cake. Often they were full moon cakes, given to friends and relatives to announce the birth of a child in the family.

So what the hell was I doing standing with red lipstick, gaudy 70s eye colour and mushroom haircut behind a birthday cake that was not even mine? I am not sure. However my parents said I was always excited about birthday cakes when I was little and they obliged by dressing me up and taking a photo of me in traditional birthday pose: birthday child behind birthday cake.

So I guess between the ages of 2 to 6 years, I had more than 10 birthday photos, of which most were not even on my birthday.

Birthdays are great days. I remember clearly my 12th birthday party because my parents organized a huge party in our local 5 star hotel. It was a fantastic party where 12 year olds get to dress like little adults, complete with handbags and low heels. There were, of course the boys, who came to join us as well and we sat like big people. My 12th birthday party was a fancy high tea party for about 40 children.

I remember that I had my hair tied up in a knot. Those years were spent shuttling about ballet studios and I had my ballet bun on. Again my mother drew my face and I had red stained lips and iridescent eye colour. The photos are not the best of me but there were many photos of my friends and I enjoying the afternoon and I guess that was the important thing in the end.

From the time I worked, I organized equally huge parties during my birthday. Some years I cooked at home and had full course dinners with a table of friends. It was in 1999 that I organized a big party and there were many of photos of me, painting the face of who would be my lover some months later. Life can throw funny cards at you sometimes.

Birthdays were good excuses to pamper one self and to show love for one another. Other years I made reservations in a swanky restaurant and together with close friends, I spent birthday nights laughing and having grand time. Sometimes we adjourned to the lakeside and we sat there for hours end, singing and watching the breeze blow our latest haircuts into mad lady style. The boys got older and balder and the girls just grew prettier.

With my impending 31st birthday in less than seven days looming, I have been thinking about a lot of things. I can no longer introduce myself as “Hi, I am in my mid 20s.” I might get away if I do not need to converse but if I had to, I can not even say “I am in my late 20s”. That’s because I am now “Hi, I am in my early 30s”.

I do look forward towards my birthdays and I am excited that I am getting much older. Yes, my skin is not as supple as it used to be and does not heal as well as it did in my younger years but I absolutely love the fact that I am more self-assured.

What memories will I have for my birthday this year? I am not too sure how my birthday will turn out but I have this inkling that it will be quite fun.

“You and XYZ are cordially invited to join me for a crazy birthday picnic attempt this Saturday, 10th February. Crazy because it will be late morning when I am sure all of us are still in bed but hey, it’s my birthday, so spare me half your weekend. You bring your bikini and I’ll show you a babe. Deal?”

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have a good one!!

8:25 am  

i promise to make everyone around me happier starting today! woohoo!

5 days and counting.

8:25 am  

can i crash?

8:55 am  

Thank you *smiles*

Yay!! Bring a smile on everyone's face!!!

It isn't crashing if you had to ask for permission. Just do the rude thing. Come in Borat's lime green swimtrunks.... *hahaha*

10:18 am  

Hey Otto, I'm an avid reader of yours. Love your posts. Hope you'll have a spanking birthday!

P.S.:I'll try to put as many smile as I can on everyone's face. CHEERS YO!

10:53 am  

3 more days!

9:11 am  

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