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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
The Crazy Things We Do

My friends made special effort to celebrate my birthday this year. First of all, I have my birthday slave. The Bachelor did everything on my birthday, from arranging the picnic box to preparing the sandwiches. BestGuyFriend and Nikki joined us once the picnic box was ready (they are smart people). I really appreciate the great effort by all my friends and especially loved the private chat I had with Nikki about girl stuff. As the topics opened up, I realised that Nikki experienced similar wet dreams like I have been in recent months - sexual dreams that always ended with orgasms, which is the point when we wake up to find ourselves soaking wet in our southern regions.

Okay. I am getting sidetracked again. What I wanted to share in this post was the crazy things we did for the Bachelor's birthday. I was feeling rather stressed over the high standards of celebrating birthdays when they celebrated my 'old' age and I did not know what nifty gift to buy for him. It seemed that everyone started giving the Bachelor his presents before his actual day of birth and I was left with less and less options of what I could get him. The fact that he has EVERYTHING does not help me either.

So on his 39th birthday, which falls on the 3rd day of the year of the pig, I suggested we drive down to Melaka for some cendol. We packed ourselves into his jeep and took a slow drive towards the historic city. We were both pleasantly surprised that the cafe where we stopped to have a quick breakfast, hired a lion dance troupe. I joked that the whole of Melaka was celebrating his birthday in style, with two lions! The Bachelor, being the Mat Salleh that he is, loved every single minute of the lion dance. He was busy snapping photographs while I greedily scoffed my breakfast.

At a whim, we decided to go to Pulau Besar, which was an island 20 minutes from the jetty nearby. It was purported to be a mystical island, where spirits ruled and lived. Apparently those who wanted to visit the island should not consume pork for a week or so, before arriving on the island. I cannot remember if I had pork or not. Chances are I did not because I hate the taste of pork. Neither did the Bachelor since we arrived to the island safely and then back to mainland after four hours of baking under the hot sun, among shady trees and soft drinks.

Had awesome grilled fish on the way back to the city. Walked through China Town for a bit before starting our journey back to KL, where friends were lying in wait to slay the poor Bachelor with vodka and beer. There was the traditional birthday cake, birthday songs and lots of drinking. Nikki was responsible for the birthday hangover the Bachelor had the morning after.

Overall it was a crazy and fantastic day. The Bachelor must have done something good in the last year because everything went smoothly despite the trip being totally unplanned. My birthday celebration was a spectacular event but I think we just about managed to top it during the Bachelor's three day long celebration. Here are just some photos to proof how enthusiastic he was when the lions danced...

The lions preparing to rush into the cafe.

Exploring the two storey cafe like inquisitive little kittens.

I really liked this orange lion.
It was fluttering its eyelids seductively. Damn sexy lion!

The lion hanging dangerously on the window sill.
I hope they were paid lots of money for these dangerous stunts!

*photo deleted*
Some reader remarked that I looked like XiaXue.

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nolah, your much prettier :P

4:35 am  

Fwah... how do you know? You can see through the mosaic censor tiles I laid on my photos? Damn it! I need to censor more...

4:41 am  

nolah, you are much thinner and taller. :P

5:08 am  

when's your bday?

5:55 am  

u must be better, xiaxue isnt much of a comparison really. lol. u are smarter, of that i am SURE.

6:45 am  

You mean if I photoshop my photos to be a little more stumpy and stunted, I would resemble XX?

10th Feb.

Personally I think that XX is smart. Afterall she is the one with the "Being seen by 20 000 eyes everyday" and the Girls Aloud whatever tv show etc etc among her accolades.

Perhaps not what I want to be reown for but it is a sign of intelligence nonetheless. I could not achieve what she has done so far.

Then again, I do not have the confidence that she possesses to squeeze into the clothes that she does. I am very body conscious.

7:02 am  

Aiyah... it's GIRLS OUT LOUD, not Girls Aloud.... Sometimes I can be damn blonde.

7:14 am  

xx is way fatter. lol.

7:25 am  

Must have had a grand old time ..
Check out my comments in -Valentine's With The Girls -

Golden Ratio's my dear..Golden Ratio's.

7:42 am  

Either that or I have greater photoshopping skills =P

I have heard of this Golden Ratio..... I will get mine measured and get back to you on this. So Marilyn Monroe's child bearing hips attractive, is it?

10:20 am  

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