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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
The Death of Blogs

It is the 22nd of March 2006. Six months ago exactly I started Nude, Not Naked after reading the much hyped, most talked about thing on Star. It featured Minishorts and Kenny, Hot Babe and I think one other person that I cannot seem to recall at this moment. It felt fresh and interesting and like the million others reading the article, I set my own space. I can't call it a blog because it was never meant to be a blog technically.

However at that time, I wrote NNN as a writing practice and received comments from good readers out there who were kind enough to respond to my every article. At a certain point in time, I realised that I had to separate NNN: The Book Project and the rest were classified and moved to a new turf, aptly named About Nude Not Naked - just because it dealt with the rest of me.

There were up times and then there were down times. Looking at the blogs lying about in the vast space, I can't help but noticed that Death will be visiting blogs soon. When I first began reading Malaysian blogs, I consumed everything that came along my way. I read from the serious to the downright hilarious. Developed quite an appetite for blogs by the third month mark. By then too, I had changed ANNN - contents and looks.

So to mark the six month anniversary of About Nude Not Naked, I shall gladly present my opinions on the various blogs out there. Read on, if you dare.

I had to skip xiaxue because she was literally teaching me bad vocabulary. I promise that is true. Her blog is so littered with hokkien swear words, the blog's more foul than your local wet market's aunty selling fishball and salted vegetables.

Children, listen to me! Thou shalth not read xiaxue! It's blasphemy to the English language.

I have problems with the way she presents her 'commercial' ventures. I mean, everyone needs a rice bowl or two but goodness, I'd appreciate some class when seeking for sponsors. Maybe she should try asking Kenny Sia for some tips?

Her legion of fans also irk me. Sometimes I wonder if these people possess some amount of taste and intellect. The only saving grace for xiaxue is that she whores herself so shamelessly, JLo should have her hired to promote her Jenny-on-the-block line.

I am still reading Minishorts but this is one that remains at borderline category. I mean, I find her writings thoughtful but I absolutely abhor times when she rants about her pass with friends and ex-lovers. And oh, I feel uncomfortable whenever Claire talks about the following topics:

  • Conversations with her mother about her down there - I mean, didn't her mother give her "down there" a proper name?

    And it's called PRIVATE PART for a reason. It is private and should not be a topic of conversation between family members during Sunday lunch. Especially when you are 26 fucking years old.

  • Conversations wtih her mother about relationships - I mean, give Eric a break. What are you trying to do? Guilt force Eric into marrying you?

  • Sex - I have very strong opinions when it comes to sex and sadly Miss Khoo and I are not on the same footing.

  • Her rants about pass friends and lovers - My gawd, she just goes on and on about everything on her PSM days.

  • Her PMS excuse - PMS, my ass!

Don't even get me started on FireAngel. Seriously. What is so the fucking great about her? Perhaps I am being harsh here but you like a blog because the girl's cute? Man, the whole blogsphere is littered with pretty chicks. I don't know about you but she has a certain look that is pretty, from a certain angle. Yes, FireAngel with the dimples looks cute. Otherwise YC is way cuter and Joyce, the sexy fairy has a nicer pair of assets.

You like her because she has 'fire' written between her middle fingers? Well some people call it crude. Especially when overly done. And what else has she contributed to society other than her middle finger poses and Harajuku styles?

And what is this about the toilet meme? Whatever happened to good blogs?! Have we washed our linens, clean and dirty in public so much that we do not have much more to say, other than personal toilet habits? I do not want to know how you fold your tissue three squares at a time before wiping, douching and then wiping again.

Then again, I wrote about public toilet habits some weeks back.....

Eventually I gave up other sites for whatsoever reasons, including 5xmom, Ah Pek, Sixth Seal, Shaolin Tiger and KY. There is only that much of food reviews and funny entries I can take.

What I do enjoy six months on are KinkyBlueFairy, Black Jetta, Suanie, Fuckstress, Looney and Kenny Sia. For many varied reasons, these people put lots of thoughts into their blogs. Even funny entries are well thought out, so there are never embarrassing "foot in mouth" moments.

Most are happy blogs about their lives and it is always fun to take a sneak peek. Fuckstress oozes charisma when she rants while Kenny is just trying his best, like he did in the 40 km marathon. Every life is a story and the story is about one's journey.

Joyce the sexy fairy, forever cheerful and adorable. I have seen her in real life and she was such a joy to observe. I did not approach her or introduce myself because I think it is intimidating to have a stranger introduce herself as, "Oh you are Joyce, right? I sooooooooooooo love your blog!".

I like Looney being wicked with the girls. I can imagine myself tormenting his poor soul *wicked wicked librarian grin*

The drama queen of KL, Damansara and some say Melbourne, YC is just wonderfully human and for that, I like reading her pieces. Never failed to make me smile.

Suanie. What can I say? I love this girl. If I am to vote for my favourite female Msian blogger, I would vote for Suanie one hundred million times over, just because Suanie is Suanie. If I were to choose a date for Valentine based on online persona, I would date Suanie on Valentine, Christmas, Easter, Raya, Diwali, St. Patrick's and every other occasion imaginable.

I have thought of blogcide, that I must say. What a redundant exercise I have been doing for the pass six months, writing and lurking around the blogs of others. I do not have the authority to write "How to make your blog a success" but I most certainly can write "What you should not be doing, if you want to be a famous blogger" because I am doing all the things that I should not be doing.

When I first started 6 months ago, PPS was pinged every minute! These days 30 minutes can pass by without a decent ping and I struggle finding something good to read. So now I herald the death of blogs and the soon death of mine.

Small Talk
Irony is the way of life and as it turns out, I might be dealing with the fact that FA is actually Fuckstress minus her middle fingers and photos showing her drinking out of a straw. Well well well... what does that teach me? Never judge a book by its cover. Or in FA's case, never judge a girl by her finger =P

I must point out at this juncture that one should not assume that I HATE those that I mentioned not being particularly fond of. Far from it, I do not hate them. I might disagree and voice my discontentment in rather loud opinion on my 6th month anniversary but that does not mean I would not sit for tea with Minishorts or have a round of beer with FA.

However I make no apologies for liking Fuckstress and not FA (even if they are the very same person). I just like one persona better than the other. Just like you might like them more than me. I'm cool with that. Are you?


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obviously you have not read ducky yet.

4:16 am  

Sometimes people blog for the sheer love of it, and not to gain popularity. :) I'm not femes, but I like being true to myself when I write, and I've plenty of favourite reads on the blogosphere, even if not all of them ping PPS. I don't think blogs are dying. In fact, I think this trend is getting pretty strong. Don't just hang around PPS for your blog fixes. There are plenty of gems out there.

5:16 am  

Blogs are good for their information. I read blogs (and write them) mostly for the sake of keeping up with times. Sure, I do make the occasional social call but that's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I envy you your ambition to publish NNN. Please do let me know when it makes its way onto bookshelves.

6:01 am  

yeah, the best blogs are no longer on PPS.... :D

6:57 am  

It is apparently that I have not =) but not for long...

Well if the best aren't on PPS, where are they? Come on, share some with me... I'm thirsting for some good reads.

Yes, blogs are good for their information. Then again, one ought to sieve out the wheat from the corn......... Just because I did not mention yours, doesn't mean I don't read it... I find that you hang in Mid Valley way too much... HAHAHAHAHA, you work in the vicinity?

Where have all the good blogs gone?

7:02 am  

the other featured in Star is nonetheless abang Peter Tan.

I do agree on you one thing about XX. Bad example huh.

Tell you what, in order to get something new, u need to let go old things. Even blogs. :p Good blogs come and go.

7:05 am  

Okie. Here are some of my faves.


7:31 am  

*sniff* you love me, you really love me!

8:13 am  

wainyan has moved to

8:17 am  

hehe you dont really know whois fuckstress dont you ? WUAHAHAHAHAHA

8:27 am  

It occurred to me that the most "foot in mouth" scenario for me would be Minishorts = Fuckstress.... then I am in shit....

Otherwise, no, I don't knw who Fuckstress is... would you care to furnish me with the details then?

8:34 am  

"Good" is relative. One man's poison, another's broth.

I used to be Joyce's avid reader, til lately I feel it's getting a bit mundane. Whereas I still like her cousin's blog which is not so colorful and bright but yet it still has it's pull. So really... how do we actually say what is good?

Please don't get me started on KennySia. He's a joke. Literally.

and besides, you seem to went one right dissing people writing toilet stuff but you wrote bout it? Hmm, correct me, but if you think people writing bout it is bad, then you are bad.

8:37 am  

I love Who I Am
One man's poison is another man's broth. Very well said.

There are ways to introduce ideas to people. Some do it directly and others are more subtle. Personally I think a good writer is different only in her approach to words/story lines. Subtle or otherwise.

My paragraph on the toilet meme was NOT written, just for the heck of it. It was written, so people such as your good self, could comment and critise me. I not only critise others but I allow others to critise me. It is only fair.

And when the occasion arises, I can say this to you, "Yes, I am a bad writer. What else can I say?"

I am not the one who is famous or femes or whatever they want to call it now.

8:49 am  

Who won't love someone with your avatar? *laughs*

8:53 am  

I agree with some of your points, but not all of them. Depending on what is your preference, there are blogs out there to feed your needs. I found mine, and are reading about 80-90 blogs per day (thats if all of them update in 1 day.)

Well, just keep on looking, other than PPS. :)

8:55 am  

Kenny Sia. For many varied reasons, these people put lots of thoughts into their blogs. Even funny entries are well thought out, so there are never embarrassing "foot in mouth" moments.

Best joke of the year on Kenny Sia.

FA = Fucktress, you noob!

9:12 am  

What I failed to mention abt Fuckstress was, "I love the fact that she writes and there are no photos of her. Everyone's reading just for her words. Her looks played no part in the matter."

How ironic =)

Well I liked reading Fuckstress... and I still do not like reading fireangelism.


9:16 am  

Paul: oh yeahh, I forgot. Using bloglines now, so forgot to change when I cut and paste onto here. :p

9:39 am  

How odd. How very odd indeed.

You find FireAngel's 'fire' written between her middle fingers? crude, yet think the brilliantly vulgar Fuckstress oozes with charisma when she rants?

Kinda contradictory innit?

Oh but I have to agree with the anonymous commentator - however much I hate Anons and think they should drown in pus - on Kenny Sia. Never embarrassing foot-in-mouth moments.


I'm not trying to be smart or pick a fight here lah, just thought you were a bit harsh. Sorry if I offended you with what I said.

10:01 am  

Oh don't you worry abt picking fights here or anywhere. I am not interested in any fights and you can't fight someone that doesn't want to fight... technically speaking *pauses to think and imagines some nasty punching me in my nose while I put up a non-fight*

Yes, I might sound a little harsh today. Perhaps Minishorts was right. Perhaps I am PMS-ing after all.


(don't get me into a discussion how women should never use their women monthly problems as excuses for mediorce work)

10:16 am  

aww you mean you donch love me any more :(

12:27 pm  

... I get no love. Ah well, the usual. It's a good thing I have such a thick skin, hence such things do not wound me greatly.

2:23 pm  

am flattered. you are actually one of the few on my blog-reading list after finding u on loon's comments.

just to straighten things out, I'm not from damansara and i do not put thoughts into my blog AT ALL. they are merely the result of my verbal diarrhea.

3:29 pm  

ballsy! or is it just your bark?

3:40 pm  

Oh yes, it should have been listed as "KL, Mont K and some say Melbourne" instead. A wee bit late but congrats on the purchase.

4:21 am  

all the good blogs are on my blogroll. haha. (well, at least the ones I read are. hehe)

10:45 am  

well i have a day job, can't afford to put that much effort in the blog.. so.

3:43 pm  

Darling, you put lots of effort in your blog. I can see that :) perhaps as much as you put into your pond *winks*

5:21 pm  

The reason why I don't bother reading XX's blog is that she's ... well ... boring.

1:52 am  

I won't go as far as to say XX is boring... but she sure knows how to chalk up the traffic to her site... and her language skills are so fantastic, I can't keep up..... even with a Hokkien dictionary.

4:38 am  

Oooooo... TORTURE!!!! I LIKES!! HAkakakakak.. I love your writing too... the torture has yet to be seen, but I sense you're pretty good at that.. hahaha cheers!

12:44 pm  

I will think of you each time I watch the librarian scene...... LOL

6:13 pm  

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