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Monday, April 17, 2006
The Daphne Teo Post

I was on my way to fetch PY for our daily breakfast when I received R’s breakfast invite. Scheduled to have lunch with him instead and R hopped into my car at precisely 1 p.m. for lunch. The lunched turned into another therapy session, where we both played therapist to each other's weekend horror stories. Super delicious food, excellent company and sympathy, it was the perfect lunch for a Monday afternoon.

“You should have seen how embarrassed I was,” I said.

“Your breasts very big meh?” R asked. I gave him the stare and then said, “Wanna look?”

Before he could even nod his head, I flipped my iBook and showed him the photo I took on Saturday night while emailing Ian.

“Man, you put silicone ar?” R asked.

I gave his left arm a smack. R stroked the photo. “It wouldn’t be that bad if it was just the top part of your breast,” he said, sounding so scientific in his description. “Problem is, can even see the longkang (cleavage) between your tits and the curve all the way to the bottom – WOW!”

He stroked the photo again, looking intensely at it. He then looked at my chest. I slapped his arm again.

“It is horrid, isn’t it?” I asked, then pouting.

”Okay lar. Just don’t wear like this anymore when you are out with them,” he said, then patting my hand to comfort me.

And this is why every girl should keep MiniBoyFriends. They are the most comforting people to have around you in times of extra loving. They will tell you the truth always. They make you happy on your sad days and most importantly MiniBoyFriends make you feel attractive on fat days.

Drop me a line and tell me about your MiniBoyFriend experiences.

I am still traumatised by last Saturday’s event. If you are wondering what the fuss was about, here is a recollection.

Will you wear this while discussing a joint venture with a potential business partner? I have been working hard for the pass two years for opportunities such as the offer I received last Saturday night, so I do not want to screw it up by inappropriate dressing.

It is time to move to the next level and dress a little more professionally. Even on wild nights out.

I talked to Alex about it on Sunday afternoon when I called him and again this afternoon. I said that the white mamas looked as if they would push me behind some bush, knock me unconscious, chop me into a thousand pieces and feed me to their pet rabbits. Alex was composed during the whole conversation while I was franticly reliving the moment when I tottered into the party in that blouse.

That is it. I have to restrategize and reorganize my wardrobe. So I surfed at net-a-porter for some nice pieces, which would look a little more grown up. They look a little more demure and ladylike while still maintaining my personal taste. I am one happy girl.

So here I present to you,
a collection of clothes I'd wear to work
ala Daphne Teo blogging style.

Pristine white blouse and straight cut tailored trousers for Mondays.

Love the sequin detailing around the neckline for a Tuesday.

Gorgeous colour for a Wednesday dateline!

Simplicity is the key after working for four days.

A simple statement for Casual Fridays.

So what do you guys think?

Actually I can't imagine Daphne Teo ever putting up a post with my selection of clothes...




well, i suppose if most of your friends or clients are open minded and understanding, they should realize the whole "it's Friday night so everyone deserves to be free.."

besides, the worst case scenario should be people staring repeatedly glued eyes at your bossums..or even worst, the client/friend's children. LoL!

anyway, lighten up a little and don't worry too much about age. the less stress and worrisome, the younger you might feel. :)

10:18 am  

Well, the saying "have it, flaunt it" comes to mind. But that being said, your MBF is right. That's quite a lot of longkang and longkang under the longkang.

Real nice chic office selection btw.

10:24 am  

What coincidence. I bought the Monday top last week.

But you know, flaunting your tits just might work for getting you a deal.

People who work hard, party hard too. Because we're serious with our life.

Like I said in the mail, wear whatever you want, to wherever with whoever. Why bother?

1:49 pm  

Well there were two kids who came running to hug me.........

So how was Rojak? (and thanks abt the office selection)

1:52 pm  

The Monday top is a darling, isn't it? I thought it was absolutely delicate and pretty!!!

2:07 pm  

Don't worry juz be happy ya. its after working hours and there is ntg to be taken serious about. btw, u look great man! Cheers mate!

-Uncle Ho's Apprentice-

5:37 pm  

I love your Monday get-up! It's so classy.. But I can't carry it off (I think) cus I'm high-waisted. Haha. Friday's more like my type!

But well, don't give up how you are like just because of that incident! It wasn't really that bad right? Or was it?

Btw, who's Daphne Teo?

6:11 pm  

Monday's blouse is absolutely delicate! Love it! Friday's do is more acceptable and looks good on all body types, I think.

If I were to choose only one, I'd take Monday, then followed by Wednesday. Friday would be my last choice.

6:21 pm  

Heh I'd choose Friday, then Monday, and last choice, Thursday! I've never tried anything that looks like Wed's top before..

Friday's is casual enough for a usual outing or gathering! Which is why I like it.. :)

7:24 pm  

I am very excited about the Wednesday blouse... hehehehe, the colour is just so sweet, like a lollypop!! Looking forward to that piece!

7:07 am  

I think dressing depends on what kind of industry you're in and who you're dealing with.

when i went for an interview with the star, nst and sun about my dotcom... i just wore a collared-t and jeans... dotcom style.

but if you were meeting someone who is about to finance your venture.. then you'd better put on a tie and a long sleeved shirt at least... (or whatever the female equivalent of that is)

just my two cents

5:43 pm  

Uncle Ho's Apperentice
Who is Uncle Ho?

Wear what the Romans wear while in Rome. Noted =)

5:47 pm  

ROJAK! was cool. Reviewed it.

As for all things Roman, they used to wear togas you know.

10:25 am  

The Toga look is very in for Spring/Summer 06, babe.....

10:28 am  

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