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Monday, March 26, 2007

I am comtemplating if I should close this blog down. The option feels more and more appealing with each passing day.



Ah no! Your blog is one of the few that keeps me coming back for more...

I love reading about AB in particular because I used to have my own AB too.

Keep writing. :)

9:41 am  

Please don't go!

10:12 am  

oh no, please..

11:55 am  

No. I don't think you should. As I told you before, this blog, your blog is my learning medium. Be it in language or even life experiences. Please don't go.

1:11 pm  

no dont!!!
i've learnt much about life and love from you..

2:18 pm  

No, please... don't go..

3:19 pm  

why?? just when i finally start to like your blog!

3:53 pm  

If it lessen your emotional burdens and help loosen the knots in the heart, why not..

But then again let this not be a spur of the moment decision.

5:56 pm  

Well, Otto, I know, I haven't been around for the past few months, so busy and all, but there's no need to resort to something like this.

8:28 pm  

you're just feeling down...this phase will pass :)maybe you'd want to blog again then...

keep it dormant, but keep it open

11:03 pm  

Think...Pros and Cons ..what would you miss and what you would not.... consider a rest maybe...

2:47 am  

a part of me wants to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO otto you cannot do this!!!!! i love you and your blog too much!!!!"

but it's your choice. and i'll be supportive all the way. just don't make hasty decisions alright? the sky will turn a bright baby blue soon with clouds sailing and the sun shining I'm sure. :)

2:35 pm  

otto .... the blog is great and I love that you share your experience both good and bad with through this blog and it gets me realise so many things that I never knew or how to deal with.

4:15 pm  


I hope you feel that this blog was an emotional release for you, not where bad memories come back.

If you feel pressured to keep churning out articles then... perhaps you could just take a break.

5:35 pm  

Well, this is quite sudden. I'm sure you have your own reasons for having this thought, and I'll try to be morally supportive of whichever decision that comes in the end, although its really saddening to see it go...

"When it is no longer a part of you, it ceases to continue existing".

4:50 am  

Sometimes it's so easy to forget that readers' feedback is one of the key motivators for authors. =)
I read your blog pretty religiously so I hope you keep it up.

5:40 am  

I love reading your blog!!!
It's like the only blog I know of that's written like a novel!

2:38 pm  

yeah... i think you should go... it's about time... and you know who I am.

So definately.... yes..... "so definately".... that I say... so.... like a song. I would sing. like a blind man dreaming that he could see.... and he sees.... so definately......Time to fly.... without even noticing.... those real or fakes.... made out of steel or a puff of dark ashes... out from the puffy lip ... words that matters... so definately.... you sing to me once.... under that tree... I could merely watch .... in no seconds.... a big round yellow... tell a story so merry... that it sting my eyes straight to my soul.... brush your shoulder.. in gesturing uncomfortable feeling.... what it takes to comprehend.... to be understood... in pretty condition of bright daylights.... pre-condition for cowards... not a decent sense.... human aint that real ... and I am telling you this.... so definately.... sooooo definately....

6:52 pm  

Oh Otto....:(

your blog is one of those that makes me see a real person in 3D; and because of that it makes me sad that you seem to be in pain. many blogs manage to sound 2 dimensional, esp sex blogs, but yours in romantic, sexy , yet so real.

good luck.

10:50 pm  

I would like to think that every girl has their versions of AB. I hope your AB brought you more laughter than pain.

Hey you! How have you been? Do drop me a line every now and then. Always nice to catch up with long time readers =)

I try not to.

Nice of you to drop a line in the mailbox, Wendii! I don't want you or any of my readers to think that this blog is a learning medium. It is not.

I have made so many mistakes in my life. None of them you should follow or go through.

Funny that you say that. I am still lost and I don't know much about life. Or love, for that matter.

I don't know what to say or write anymore.

11:20 am  

I smiled when I read your comment. Thank you.

We have spoken about this, haven't we? Happiness and sadness goes hand in hand. Often when you are the happiest, you are at your saddest too.

Yes, my darling. It is your fault. I have never been the same since your presence left me in the cold. I lack inspiration.

You are wise. This phase will pass as do all other things in life. Your suggestion is well heeded.

I am curious who you are. Or rather how old you are. You seem worldly and wise. I am thinking of George Cloney =)

You are absolutely adorable.

Keeping this blog has brought me tremendous blessings. I have now two very good friends, whom I met and befriended because of this blog. I hope it has brought you whatever salvation you were looking for.

11:26 am  

This blog was created to be a creative outlet. Happened quite by chance, perhaps like the way Big Bang was brought into existence. I just wanted a place where I could practice writing and have people comment on my writing.

I have ghost readers.

I am glad that I have your support.

Hey you! Good to hear from you again. Sad that it has to be this way though.......... good to hear that you peep this corner every now and then.

ANNN is written like a novel because this was meant to be a writing practice. I shall take your comment as a compliment.

Thank you.

Anon who said I should go
I wished I knew who you were but my phonebook doesn't list Nobody under "N".

I hope that I write about things that you can relate to; things that you have experienced, laughed and cried over.


11:33 am  

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