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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Lost And Found

    Left to right, 1st row
  • BestGuyFriend pimping his ride

  • Loads of momentos on the wall & G4

  • Ain's yielding to her feminine charm

  • 2nd row
  • Otto, according to Cuddle Bitch R

  • The Real Otto

  • A drunk's V sign

  • 3rd row
  • Nurturing Miss Malaysia 2024

  • Ain snuck this photo while I made up

  • Pre-shot for I'm Just A Prisoner Here

Every now and then, we might thread down the wrong path and we might lose our way. There are special angels that are sent to lead us back to where we belong. Alex sent this to me, out of the blue. Perhaps God's gift to remind me who and where I belong.

"I once was lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see"
~ Amazing Grace, old hymn



Mata cantik

12:35 am  

Yes, pretty pretty eyes...

2:22 am  

Ian & SY
Thanks. My eyes are sepet tho...

10:59 am  

Yea! Gorgeous eyes. Your eyes not sepet lah, wait til you see mine. Mine more sepet. Heh, LOVE the googleearth image (is that what it is?) from Alex. Very sweet. Literally brings you down to Earth don't it?

Hi again btw :)

4:02 pm  

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