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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Old One Don’t Go, New One Can’t Come

Today is my lucky day. Not only did I receive photos from Paul, I also received some from Frans. Almost like striking lottery *hehehe*

Candidate One
Vanity has a new name - Paul.

Fiza requested for Paul's photo when I wrote about a beautiful stranger. Being the generous spirit that he is, Paul has emailed some photos for Fiza's viewing pleasure. I have taken the liberty to release one that is not 18-SX.

He looks quite different when he is clean shaven. He was sporting some macho facial hair when we first met. This photo is not doing him any justice. His golden tan is hardly noticable, which is a crying shame. After calling him a beautiful stranger for the longest time, it feels strange addressing him as Paul these days.

Paul and I are still debating if he resembles the "Kevin Volchok" character from The OC. Kevin Volchok was one bad dude who loved Marissa (Mischa Barton's character). Why don't you take a good look and decide for yourself if Paul and Kevin share similarities. Do email me if you are experiencing nose bleeds.

Candidate Two
Traditionally E and I would be out for New Year's Eve dinner. Each of us would bring along a partner, ushering the new year together. On the last day of the year 2005, I wanted to invite this handsome young man out for dinner. He is a friend of D's and each time when I bump into him, he calls me "exotic". I chatted with him for the longest time last Sunday when I went out for a drink and supper with the boys. I am yet to explore him well enough to write about him. So let the shallow side of me do the talking. He is tall, dark and handsome *dreamy*

Candidate Three
The lost Italian, Francesco was on line two when PY and I were discussing our latest shopping victories. It took me a few seconds to register the caller to him, mainly because I thought the call originated from Malaysia. Anyway he called while waiting for a deal he had proposed to be finalised. I mentioned that I planned to call him before he flew to Bangkok on Saturday but I totally forgot about it because I was away at a weekend party with Moon.

“Do visit me in Italy,” Francesco extended an offer.

“If I am ever in Italy, I would have to visit my ex,” I said.

“Ah the ex boyfriend in Milan,” he said, trailed by tiny peels of laughter.

I do not know how other girls do it but the first thing that attracts me to a man is conversation. Most men in my company have a “come away” experience with me. The first encounter was always unusual, like inviting Wouter to the bar with me when we were both strangers in search of a drink on a thirsty weekend or dragging a very drunk R home and hearing him pee against a wall while I pretend to be disgusted.

The saying is true – “Old one don’t go, new one can’t come”. The choices are plentiful. The only question that requires an answer is, do I choose a new MBF or should I forgive my old faithful?

I am still licking my wound and it is too early to tell if R and I would return to our old selves. I now train myself to head to the gym (or at least think of heading to the gym) whenever I catch myself thinking about what happened between R and I in recent weeks. One of the last few meals I had with MiniBoyFriend R was in a Vietnamese restaurant. I found myself driving to the restaurant last Saturday when I felt that I had missed having him around. The restaurant is shut. Is it a sign from the heavens?

~ Stick With You, Pussycat Dolls

Small Talk
Yippee! I have a new editor and I am most delighted to be working with him =)

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