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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
This Ride

Hey boy, do you want a ride? I'll take you to a beautiful place where the sun sets low and the birds race high. I'll take you to a wonderland where sadness and broken promises are few. Where hopes are ever lasting and dreams ever new. We'll go to a secret place where colours are brighter. Where shapes and sounds, everything vibrates to your laughter. There's no tears, no fears, no deaths and no sadness. This ride will take you to glorious days of gladness. Only colourful dreams under the rainbows and frothy waves of bliss at every ocean's end.

I promise that this ride will be good and this ride will be fast. One soulful rapture that forever will last. Hop into my bright blue car and we'll dance in the bar. I'll banish all your nightmares and there will be no scars. No more hiding behind your Harlequin mask. We will be free like a gentle breeze at long last. I will be your sunshine and you will be mine. This ride takes us to an utopia haven on some pretty cloud nine.

Will you come with me, right here, right now? Yes, yes, I will, I'll run after you till the sun goes down. Just hold onto me and we'll soar like doves. Hop into my car to a destination called love.

What's the matter, boy? Why are you stalling? I cant stop for too long, my car's rolling. The wheels of fate are spinning and it's not on our side. Are you coming, boy? Do you want this ride?



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