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Friday, October 20, 2006
Me No Beef

I woke up today a very much happier person. It appears to me that Moon’s famous “I will slap you” remarks jolted me out from my 6 years slumber. I am back on track, a whole lot happier today than yesterday. As a matter of fact, I am quite the chirpy (but quiet) bird that I usually am. Bailed out of work yesterday after lunchtime and spent the afternoon shopping with PY. Finally I have no excuse not to head down to the gym. I bought a pair of Nike Free 5.0 in light blue and grey and so today will be heading to the gym to burn off some fat.

“What fats?”

Well I have fats. All girls do. I am just good at concealing them. Contacted a newly acquainted girlfriend and probably I will be at the gym with her after work. Fingers crossed that my bones do not ache too much tomorrow. I have not exercised since 1995 unless you consider sex as a form of exercise. If it was so, then the last time I sexercised was yesterday. A girl has to love herself.

On a totally different note, a friend of mine is visiting and her visit should keep me occupied until the end of next week. I wanted to run off to some godforsaken island for a few days but apparently she will be around. It simply means we will get ourselves into enough activities and troubles, without having to roll out some dough.

It is time for “calling calling”. Well that’s the term that E uses for keeping in close contact as the weekend starts. Tonight should be quite fun. I will give MiniBoyFriend R a call. He is expected to crash on the 23rd when Mary flies back to London. So far I have been a meanie to him but I think I will love him soon enough again.

Alrighty then! It’s time to make a dash for it. What’s the IT? I don’t know. Maybe some bright lights and some good looking men. You guys have fun this weekend. I will see you all here bright and early on Monday! *kiss kiss*

”See? I told you I’d bounce back. I turn around and here I am smiling.”

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It certainly is nice to know that you are back here safe and sound.

11:53 am  

Not for too long apparently =) How's life been treating you?

11:29 am  

Quite busy actually, otherwise I would love to read all your posts and squeeze in a line or two of my lousy comments.

3:49 pm  

You are being generous with your compliments =) And I always look forward to your comments... I am instinctively drawn to people that I share moments with and you are one of those early loyal readers I have.

You are always missed when you aren't around here.

3:55 pm  

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