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Sunday, November 05, 2006
Fourty Reasons To Be Happy

    Left to right, Row 1
  • The older you get, the bigger your cake

  • BestGuyFriend & Nikki

  • A very happy bday boy

    Row 2
  • My date for the night

  • Seeing eye to eye

  • The band boy

    Row 3
  • View from the bar

  • Just the sort of photo you'd take at 5 a.m.

  • The poser dog

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Funny photos, and though I'm being anal here, but, ah, typo for Forty?

10:44 am  

Argh! This is what 2 weeks of solid drinking does to your spelling...

10:50 am  

Forty she meant like in a modern way of say fortify (strong) reasons to be happy.. RIGHT!?

Like the bottom left bar pic. Makes me want to go out. I broke my toe by the way so I cant go out. Which is prob why that pic appeals to me. AH life is so simple when you take time to analyze it.

2:41 pm  

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