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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Dear italk2much

Small Talk
I was away for the NEC flower show when IT2M reviewed my blog. I did not know of the review until I returned home on 20th June. This is written in reply to their wonderful review. I have changed the layout and design, fixed the pop up window etc, as suggested by IT2M team. They in return, have taken heed of my suggestion to include a legend detailing their smacks etc. How they did not think about it is beyond me.

I have been banned from commenting on their site. Hence I do not see any reason why any of their bitches should be allowed to speak here. I will no longer mention them, beyond the three posts I wrote about them. I have moved on and it is time they do so too.

Dear readers and aggregators,

Thank you for participating in an experiment. I have wanted to prove a point that perhaps in the blog world, nothing is more exciting than a foul mouth blah blah who talks back, creates controversies and ruffles some feathers in the nest.

In my whole life, I have never been called that many rude names ever. And through my whole “blogging career”, I have not said much that created hullabaloo as I have in I even managed to squeeze a callous name calling game; calling another person fat and what so not.

To be honest, do you actually think that upon returning from the NEC Flower Show, I turned in Ms. Hyde overnight, talking gibberish and spewing statistics on fat Americans? Nah. I am quite a nice girl inside. Sometimes you just need to search a little deeper inside, but somewhere inside nonetheless.

What some of the commentators from italk2much did not realise quite possibly was that I was practicing writing. I specifically chose the blog to practice how to write in a persuasive way; to invoke emotions, both positive and negative, in those who read my words. And that I think I managed to do for a few hours in italk2much.

This explains why most of my posts are longer than the average blogs. The whole blog was started as a writing practice anyway. And to perhaps experiment with how readers would react to what I write and how I present my stories. Some days I do it better than others. I believe that I have a better control of what I write and how I expound my opinions now than I did 6 months ago.

If you want to own a popular blog that clocks the readers in faster than a clock per second, write something totally moronic in the most logical sense. Own the biggest ego on the blog. Continually self praise and deride every other reader who do not support your words.

For example:
  • italk2much has “we are rude, so deal with it”.

  • Maddox has the best page in the universe.

I was told to shut the fuck up. I was called "racist" and "xenophobic" by some of the readers. even threatened to ban me from their site. As of last night UK time, 20% of my visitors were refered from their site because readers generally are curious about what is going on. What do you think would have happened if I continued to write negative comments and have them lot call me with even more terrible names? Or heaven forbids, banned from their site forever and ever and ever more.

And what a great opportunity it was, with the gap between the Asians and the Americans (or Westerners) wedged tight by the negative comments thus far on their site. Garner a few more opportunists and there we go, a good controversy and surely people has to take sides because everyone is born judgemental and opinionated. And if you believe that you are not judgemental, you already are.

About Nude Not Naked came about on its own terms. It does not have a fancy layout. It does not have a great neat navigation bar. It has tonnes of blurred out photos. I write about rubbish that matters to me and probably 10 other readers who comes over to read almost daily. And that is good enough for me for the moment.

Because all I wanted from the beginning was just a writing practice. In the span of last 6 months, I have successfully written 4 articles and was paid for it. Therefore I am certain that I have achieved what I set out to do when I signed up for blogspot.

But back to italk2much and some of their powerpuff readers and commentators – I apologize for calling Annie fat and for being a pain in your cute little bottoms. Now that I have proven my point, I will cease writing nonsense and insisting that Americans are a fat bunch of people eating stinky oily burgers and chugging down Cola. Of course there are many well-toned Americans *duh* There are as healthy conscious Americans as there are many good Asian blogs (food or otherwise). Perhaps one day, italk2much will discover one that is worthy of their mention.

Blogging, like many other hobbies and pastimes, are to be taken lightly. I do not think that it is the be all and end all when a site writes negative comments about your blog. I just shrug my shoulders and say, “Tough. Can’t please the whole world, babe.”

And sometimes, just sometimes, bad news is better than no news.

The Nude

p/s: I eat like a horse every breakfast, folks. 3 sausages, 3 bacon slices, 1 tomato, an egg, 1 cup of hot chocolate and 1 glass of hot fruit tea before I wrote this post.

I stand at 5 feet 4 inches and weigh approx. 47 kilos before breakfasts.

Time To Ponder
Taking an example from a small scope while ignoring the general picture is what prejudice and racism is about. About Malaysians writing only about food and taking sucky photos. About Americans being fat, living on a diet of Coke and BigMacs.

Examples in my writing:
  • You may think that I am a stick thin anorexic eating three spoonful of rice here.
  • But in this post, you will read how much I stuff myself with during breakfasts.

Depending on how you quote me, you can bend the truth in your favour.

The list of examples is long and I am sure you have your own examples from daily life experience. So spare a minute to think of whether we have taken everything into consideration and looked a little further than our little goldfish bowl.




Don't worry too much about them. Their own blog looks like crap anyway.

I got slapped bad too but some of the things they said was true but who cares. ;-)

10:52 am  

Oh I am not worried at all. As a matter of fact, I signed myself up for it, so that I have the opportunity that I am having. Just ask Ian.

I am enjoying every moment of it. Now all I need to do is find some similar minded folks to trash the crap out of their site!

It is about time some Asians show our tiger stripes... what fuck should any of us take shit from them for our food, writing in 3 languages or taking lots of photos of us clubbing, shopping or eating?

If they are that tad unreasonable and do not feel that they might have not understood/accept that us Asians have a different culture, then I don't see why I shouldn't call them fat asses chomping on burgers and fries.

10:58 am  

Gahahaha... I just read their comment regarding your blog. All I can say is, I never expect positive comments from them anyway. I'm not going to put mine anytime soon, until I get a good layout. Or maybe I wouldn't submit at all.

The thing I disapprove is, they did not give you any profoundly-enough constructive suggestions. Only BOOs.

Lastly, I guess it's a good idea to see them as fortune-tellers. You can agree with them and be happy if they tell you something you like to hear. While on the other hand, if they break bad news, you can pretty much convince yourself that their opinions are not worth listening to anyways.

12:14 pm  

Neither did I expect any good comments from them. I'd say someone needs to "appraise" their site for a change. I mean, it's not the most fantastic layout ever.

I have tried to look for the rating legend but I am still unable to find it. Or perhaps they expected everyone to be a telepathic reader who understood what their fish, smacks etc are.

On that accord, I'll take my (what appears to be) hairy balls as a compliment *evil grin*

Say.... didn't see you on MSN today :(

3:16 pm  

Kahkahkah - Me their Blog Whore of the Year (2006)winner but I never publicise it 'cos those bitches are shallow. I want them to comment on content but what they did was talking about template. Duh, it is not a template designing contest, no? And they only read the last two posts and made an ass out of them and them and them. LOL.

4:56 pm  

Not even worth going for a look see. Maybe I should start a 'blardy bastard' blog and just flame away.

6:24 pm  

Aiyah, don't care can't stop them from blogging what they like.... like you said, writing bad things about people seems like a good way to get attentions.... haha..

6:30 pm  

Agree with what you brought up here...... template design contest *tsk tsk*

Wahahahahha, I am sure it'll be very popular... it even starts with the same letter... like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse (double D and double M)... sounds catchy.

Of cos! Bad news is better than no news =)

You think I should resubmit now that my template has changed? Maybe get a few smacks lei?

4:10 pm  

Your review was done over two weeks ago... isn't it about time you moved on???

6:37 pm  

NYC watchdog
I was not online when the review was done, hence unable to write about it until lately.

Good news is, I have moved on. I have made the necessary changes to better this blog, as per suggested. They have also taken some of my suggestions into consideration ie: the smack legends.

Enough is enough. I am not talking about them anymore.

6:44 pm  

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