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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Goliath Won’t Die

Small Talk
I was away for the NEC flower show when IT2M reviewed my blog. I did not know of the review until I returned home on 20th June. This is written in reply to their wonderful review. I have changed the layout and design, fixed the pop up window etc, as suggested by IT2M team. They in return, have taken heed of my suggestion to include a legend detailing their smacks etc. How they did not think about it is beyond me.

I have been banned from commenting on their site. Hence I do not see any reason why any of their bitches should be allowed to speak here. I will no longer mention them, beyond the three posts I wrote about them. I have moved on and it is time they do so too.

If all blogs are measured in the size of a dot, my blog happens to be a small ink size dot. A blue dot, because other colours make my writing look smudged. On the other hand, probably would be this humongous blotch of slime, the size of a football.

Now imagine that all blogs are like planets, dangling in space with distances between them representing their popularity. About Nude Not Naked would be somewhere where Earth is and would be sooooooooooooo out of my league and positioned perhaps 10 kabillion light years away from About Nude Not Naked.

But heck *spits* I just had to wake the ugly giant’s slumber. To start with, I can’t swear over at their site. It is against my policy. But this is my blog and I can call them whatever fuck names I want to call them. And this time, they even deserve the bloody name calls.

I don’t bloody care how you rate my blog. Did I for once sulked over what you said about my blog specifically? I don’t think so. What you think of my blog does not matter to me because you are so spaced out (remember the 10 kabillion light years distance between us?). Plus you are just a bunch of idiots living in America, thinking that you are far superior above everyone else on earth.

I cried for days when I saw those planes crashing into the World Trade Center. How could anyone do such a despicable thing against another fellow human? But you know what? Perhaps they can do humanity a favour by exterminating stupid fucktards like yourselves, who are racists, arrogantly believing that you own the world.

It is not about my blog. My blog is a nothing, remember? It is about perhaps a change in your mind set, that we are not the same like you and we do not eat food like yours. It is about understanding and accepting that there are differences in this world. Beauty is not defined by blonde hair, fair skinned, sharp nose and oval face. Food is not defined by cheesy broccoli and boiled potatoes.

Ms. Chatty said:
“Don't get pissy with me because I'm a filthy rich American that doesn't have to live in a third world country or beg for money on the streets and spends all of her money buying nasty looking food and even more money on cameras to photograph it.”

I can go on and on about how stupid you folks are, living in a very delusional Lalaland with the Teletubbies. (OMG! 2/3 of American adults do look like the Teletubbies!) but I rather do a review for instead. I had wanted to do it and leave it as a little something for you to read but who knew that you would skip the queue of hundreds of blogs and jumped to reviewing mine while I was away at the flower show in Birmingham.

The other thing that surprised me is that not a single Asian voiced up. No one commented that those nasty comments on Asian food are unwarranted and perhaps to call us a “third world country, begging for money on the streets” a tad overboard.

Are we so subdued as Asians, cowing to the whites?

Do we believe that the West has everything superior and they are always right and we are always wrong?

Are we so busy with our work, to pay for our house (yes, we live in nice houses – I live in a 3 storey house with lush gardens in Malaysia), cars and material wealth that we forget that sometimes we need to make a stand?

Or is it true what Ms. Chatty said, that we are just too busy begging on the streets?

Whilst it is true that I had submitted my blog to be reviewed, I had expected a fair review, one that takes our history and culture into account. I accept that my layout and design sucks. That I can change and have taken steps to. I accept that there are pop ups. Links do not pop up in mine and I use Safari on an Apple. But again, this is something that I can take positive steps to change.

I can even accept that you think my content is too long for the average reader and that it is shitty. This is why I started the blog. I wanted to unshitty-fy myself and to improve my writing to a standard that is acceptable for publishing. I am not too proud of some of the shit I wrote six months ago and I know when I write rubbish.

I cannot accept when you write stupid comments like, “writes in 3 languages”. That is a skill and should be applauded. Additional languages are ALWAYS prized in the adult world and the average Asian speaks at least 2. I converse and write well in English and the Malay language and converse well in 2 other Chinese dialects and read/write/converse rudimentary Swedish. So fuck you if you can’t read anything other than English.

I cannot accept when you write moronic comments like, “Asian food sucks”. You emphasize that you respect Asian food but I don’t see “respect” written anywhere between the three words “Asian food sucks”. Please show me where is the respect.

I cannot accept when you leave callous remarks, calling it a constructive comment. For example, your complaint that Malaysian blogs write a lot of Malaysian politics. Are you a dim wit that you do not understand that we live in Malaysia and thus, comment and write on Malaysian politics. Not all of us are interested on how your young men are dying in Iraq or CNN covering on the latest human rights violations in third world countries when you have one of the worst records for human rights violations.

You continually deride Asia, writing irresponsibly how we suck, one way or another. But you want to ban me when I highlighted how obese your nation is? We Asians eat gross yucky food and remain slim. Can't say much for your great American diet which contributed heavily (no pun intended) to your 66% of fat/obese nation. An average of 18% of the American population has a passport to travel outside of their country. You have a higher percentage of smokers (30%), babe.

So it is ok for you to write nasty things against Asians and it is not ok for me to highlight the same for your country? Ban me for stuffing statistics of US' human rights violations from the UN Human Rights report? It is a joke. I really want to get banned.

As I have raised this issue much earlier in, I am suggesting that you stop accepting Asian blogs for review when you show no competency on reviewing them fairly, constantly reminding yourselves that Asian blogs are not going to talk about the same topics that you do, will not show photos of things that might appeal to your taste or share a similar view/opinion/humor as you.

Get this through that Neanderthal thick skull of yours: We are not like you, so we will not write like you.

If you cannot possibly understand that one simple concept, then fuck off and don’t review Asian blogs because you are not proficiency skilled nor knowledgeable enough to do so.

As for Ms. Chatty and her bitches (especially her hairy male bitch Charred) – this is my fair review of your site.

Layout and design
I can’t decide whether I find their header picture cute or plain disgusting. Am still shifting about on this one.

I have searched three time for the legend detailing the smacks, fish and what-so-nots and guess what? I don’t see it. Either you think we have the gift of ESP or you have hidden it well or you just plain forgot it.

For this you get a for layout and design.

In all honesty, you suck in this department big time. You lack the knowledge, understanding nor information to review Asian blogs fairly. You are not proficient enough to give constructive comments or even fair comments.

You could be more constructive in your comments. If you want to do a review, do it properly and do it well. Show them how to better their blogs, be it with suggestions of the proper html codes or as Charles did, suggesting where to get a proper layout. Instead, you go on an ego inflated trip, judging everyone based on your opinion and taste, which I must say is not par excellent.

For this one uber big mistake, you get a because you stink big time.

On a whole, I give .

I have explained to the old folks there. I have apologized for the mini trolling session. I have tried my best to close the gap between the agregators and myself but the only thing I have received is BS from them and their little community of mini puppies. Well what did I expect when it was a ran by a bunch of bitches anyway?

I rest my case. I kicked Goliath. I made a fuss. I threw a tantrum. I stoned it with 100 tiny pebbles. I wished MENJ could give them ten thousand lashes but heck, it ain't gonna happen.

Goliath won't die. Unless of course all of us start rushing over to their site collectively as a whole community of Asian and throw ten million stones at them. You wanna?

Credit: Graphics taken from



hey otto...
you know we still love you. Thats all that matters, right?
To cheer u up, visit
These 2 are NOT Malaysians. I think they're whites but not sure from where. But! they showcase the most Malaysian food i've ever seen. Some of which i've never even knew existed. Shows that ASIAN FOOD rawks!! :>


10:10 am  

Get this through YOUR head.
YOU submitted your site so get over it ya stupid bitch.
Also the comments weren't about ASIANS they were about MALAYSIANS.. and Charles is "ASIAN" and he commented you dumbass.

So get this through YOUR HEAD. You can't call someone else a racist when you make posts like this. It was never about race - it was about the fucking nasty ass pictures of food that YOU post pictures of.

Stupid bitch.

Betcha delete this..

10:10 am  


Ms. Chatty
1. I need to submit my blog, so I have a reason to bitch about you and your team of incompetent clowns.

2. Charles is Asian but he is NOT in Asia. He writes mainly on European lifestyle, not ASIAN.

3. I do not do food reviews. I never did and I do not intend to. How did you manage to relate me to Malaysian food blogs, I haven't a clue.

4. See what I meant by creating controversy? You came over to read MY blog, didn't you? The reasons why I submitted my blog for review was to get myself into the action, so I can bitch about your terrible lack of skills in reviewing and to increase my traffic flow.

And get this, even when I have explained that I was manipulating the whole thing to gain more readers, you STILL go on flaming...... and contributing to the increasing readership.

I should thank you.

And Ms. Chatty, I have no deleted any of the comments and I certainly don't think you should have the privilege of being the first.

Love to you.

10:29 am  


And i can speak 5 languages, 3 of them are dialects.

Bah, shallow people.

11:44 am  

My my, Ms. Chatty being rattled by our own Nude but Not Naked Otto? Please say it ain't so. If it is that utterly easy to stir shit up with the people of, I might as well submit my incomparable blog to them.

Of course, I am definitely not taking any sides in this, being the amoral, indifferent, manipulative hot and sexy megalomaniac I am, but this is certainly amusing.

12:38 pm  

BTW: Like your new layout.

12:45 pm  

Fancy knowing 5 languages :) that's the way to go, I guess..... more desirable when applying for jobs.

Imagine them stumbling on your royal site? My goodness, they'll bowl over. They don't like 2 side bars, you see.... *bats eyes*

I like me design too :)

2:13 pm  

Oh my god this is getting ugly. By the way, I am HALF-Asian or Eurasian(being half-Spanish) so I actually think like a pure-blooded westerner. Though I am being helpful to Otto on layouts and stuff. I still have a thing or two with food pics that are taken badly.

2:22 pm  

But I don't do food blogs!!! Hahahahahhahaha.... As a matter of fact, I have even mentioned that I stopped reading some blogs because they kept putting up food reviews. There is only that much of food reviews I can take a day.

That said, I am moving on to other things... like writing about sex *evil grin*

Say Charles, did you grow up here or you are purely based in Europe? Did you knw that the Swedish language and Norwegian are quite similar? Understood most of the words you translated though in Swedish, it is "alskar" for "love"

2:37 pm  

hmm i like this template a lot!
very girlie.
reminds me that i am female.

2:49 pm  

so many thoughts here.. lolz..^^ hmm, malaysian food>>>... as a malaysian myself.. love and drool abt them all day long.. lolz.. interesting blog here...It got me addicted on reading it.. Keep it up.. leave me some comment too at my blog InvernoKL wanna have ur words on it.. :p take care, xian

2:54 pm  

I grew up in the Phils. My mom is Spanish and my dad is a Filipino but also partly Spanish. Most of my family are in the US and only me in Norway since I prefer to live in Europe. Yes, I understand and speak just a bit of Swedish and Danish quite well because of my Norwegian(in which is my main language now aside from English which is my mother tongue and a bit rusty in 3 languages that I learned in the Phils.). It's a bit difficult to read Swedish(as what Norwegians find as well) though but very easy to understand in terms of speech while Danish is opposite from the former.

3:05 pm  

I guess you just got mix up with the other Malaysians who feature foods even though its not a part of their theme.

3:06 pm down Otto...

No matter what, I love your blog a lot. =)

3:11 pm  

wait. exactly where did anyone say that YOU posted food pictures? Nowhere, that's where.

You went on a tangent that basically amounts to reverse racism.

AND you don't seem to get the fact that Asians submit their fucking blogs to be reviewed. We don't ASK them to do so.

In essence, you don't have the first fucking clue what you are talking about.

However, your point about having no way to see what the various smacks and such means is a very good point and we will definitely work on rectifying that.

Now, until you can make a valid argument that involves YOU, shut the fuck up. You're just making yourself look like a bitter fool.

7:30 pm  

So...WHY did you submit your blog to be reviewed?

Oh, by the way, nice of you to say that about almost THREE THOUSAND INNOCENT civilians, who were just going about their day at work.

7:34 pm  

Bitter Bitch
Please read back all the comments and then read how many thrown at me, implying that *I* specifically did food blogs...

But this was never really about me. I submitted my blog and KNEW that I would be trashed like shit. I just wanted the opportunity to trash you back for what I believe to be nasty uncalled for remarks against Asians and MALAYSIANS in general.

There might have been some sucky Msian blogs in the pass but do not pass a blog off as "BAD" just because it is Msian. You must knw that you are already KNOWN to do just that - assuming that a Msian blog is bad before it is even reviewed.

And I have said that your site should not review sites that you are not capable or have the knowledge to review. For example, it is to my understanding that you do not review sites that are not 100% English. That is logical, seeing that you cannot review a site fairly when you do not understand its content.

The same goes to the Asian sites. Please make it a rule in your site that you do not review Asian blogs (or Malaysian blogs, if you insist) BECAUSE YOU ARE INCOMPETENT TO DO SO.

There are things that you have raised, which I accept and I have tried to better. Eg: this new layout, which thanks to you, has been changed and is much more pleasant. But as one of my reader commented, "this is not a template design contest" =)

I submitted my blog because:

1. I wanted to raise all the issues that I am raising here and now. It might not be relavant to YOU but it is to me and perhaps to our community.

This is about a lot of things ranging from blogging culture to social ideas. I wish that we (as Asians) are more vocal about our ideas and be able to raise them in a dignified manner. This benefits our political and social future.

No matter how you say you respect us etc, we encounter racism daily in our daily lives. We get it here in Msia and we get it when we are abroad. This is just one way to raise the issue, create the awareness and hope that people think about it more.

This isn't just an Asian issue per se. Racism exsists everywhere and stems from the fact that we are more inclined to "our own kind". The chinese for the chinese, the whites for whites, the blacks for blacks, the latinos for the latinos etc.

2. I wanted to widen my readership in general. In the last 48 hours, my readership has increased by 30% and I am beginning to receive returning American readers.

I have blogged for approx. 10 months and this is the 1st time I am involved in blog "politics". I have not ruffled any feathers anywhere.

It was never my intention to do more than 24 hrs but as I have mentioned earlier, italk2much did not let me go away easy.... so what the heck? I might as well ride along.

But tomorrow is a new day and I am no longer going to comment on italk2much anymore. Unless they say things that requires me to correct them.

Thanks for visiting. Been to your blog too. The rare jewel I found was Charles and He was about the only good read out of all the smacks reviews on the site.

10:30 pm  

Could you take the time to get rid of the annoying popups on your site, or are you too busy commenting on comments?

Just sayin' *shrugs*

11:50 pm  

I hate Singapore.

4:09 am  

If we are incompetent to review asian blogs...what does that say for the hundreds of asians that continue to submit their blogs?

I call it stupid, masochistic, idotic and incompetent to submit their reviews to us.

You are soooo frikkin off your nut it's not funny.

You make NO sense. You have no valid argument AND nobody said you posted pictures of food. Show me one comment that actually uses the words, "you post food pictures."

Are you always this manic or are you just off your meds? Cuz honey, you have problems.

Oh and you're just like every other attention whore we get. Lots of hits today, forgotten in a couple of days. Enjoy your hits from your hissy baby fit while they last.

The return Americans? Those are the people coming to point and laugh.

4:49 am  

Ah well, I can't miss such a fine opportunity, aye?


And thus, I lose my internal struggle against the traffic whore that resides within the depths of my soul.

5:59 am  

It's a shame that someone who says they encounter racism constantly has to go on a big rampage trashing Americans and American culture to make their own race and culture seem superior.
Especially the 9/11 comments. How uncouth and tragic. All of this over a review on a fucking website that is supposed to be taken with a grain of salt! What has any of that got to do with our obesity rate, what we eat, 9/11, and our lack of passports?

That's pretty distressing to me and all I do is write about SEX!


3:32 am  

The Mistress
The obesity comment came as rebuttal for their constant "Asian food sucks" comment. As sucky as our food is with fried grasshopper and whatnots, we are still SLIM! What does that say about their food/diet with the obesity statistics into consideration?

Passport - similar to the obesity. Generally Americans have not travelled out of their country, hence the 18% statistics. It shows that you have not seen much of other cultures, other than your very own. Which might explain why they are just so close minded.

I've not traveled half the world but I have covered a good number of countries in Asia and Europe, where I spend at least 2 weeks getting to know the locals.

I am sorry if I have caused you some distress. I'll head on over to your blog for a good dose of sex stories... Cheers.

8:49 am  

*gasps* swifty you are such a blog ho :D when are you going to leave dawn yang alone?

3:44 pm  

Aisay, half of Dawn's traffic came from Swifty's lor....

4:00 pm  

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