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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I charmed my way into 10 kilo of excess baggage and I could not possibly check in anymore last Friday at 5:00 p.m. in KLIA. So I had to drag a hand luggage laden with my facial products from LBS. Man, I am telling you that getting old is an expensive and tiresome hobby. What happened to days and nights when I sleep in my make-up? Now it is not only one but TWO cleansers!

Then there was the hour and half delay for the connecting flight to Changi. You want to know why MAS is suffering loses each year? It’s because they are inefficient to the point of pain. Imagine forking out RM3700 (approx. USD1000) for a return ticket to London, being forced to hear silly announcements in Bahasa Melayu on an international flight that included greetings in Arabic and then being made to sit 90 minutes in the departure gate and subsequently stand 60 minutes while the luggage are sorted. Bah!

My mobile beeped like mad the moment I switched it on in Heathrow. There were 12 messages from PY and 1 each from my father, brother and R. My eyes welled up with tears when I read PY’s “My heart felt empty at 3:00 p.m.”. That was the time when I started to head to KLIA. R wrote, “I kept myself busy since you have gone, so I won’t think of you”. I swallowed my tears and did not allow myself to cry. I looked for Alex instead and walked into his arms.

I was happily sitting in the bathtub with Alex for our grooming ritual. I cleaned his back and he washed mine. Then he sucked my toes and I squealed. Alex went to work by 9 a.m. and I was left to unpack 1 box the size of a 21 inch TV, a 40 litre backpack, a hand carrier and a handbag.

I raced myself into London for my most anticipated roast duck rice with the two bosses. The bosses are fine bred gentlemen in very adult like jackets. Made me feel rather ashamed of myself because I felt in many ways, they were the adults at the table for three.

The duck rice? Man, the duck was spectacular! I think there were moments of silence as all three of us sinked our teeth and tongues in the duck. There was even a discussion why the British duck tasted better than the Malaysian duck. I think the general consensus was that the British duck was fatter due to the cold, thus tasting juicier when done. Plus the facts that these roast ducks were prepared Hong Kong style (versus Malaysian, where the duck meat end up dry).

Boss Stewie left for KL on Saturday. I wish him all the best for his future. I will catch him in KL when I get back and fingers crossed that he is working at something that his heart desires by then.

That is the thing about flying, I think. The feeling is majestic. Long journeys are tiring but they carry hopes for a bright future. It signifies changes in life and often involves sacrifices of companionship and love, in exchange for a glimpse of a better tomorrow. As for me, I hope to continue writing all through the summer. Perhaps I will make arrangement for the blog to be moved to a new improved site. I hope that I will continue to entertain you with little nuggets of life stories.

I hope to work here but I doubt that I will be able to work for anyone other than myself. I hope to complete the book (at least a complete draft) by end of summer and sent it out to some publishers by September. I hope to earn some pocket money along the way. I shall be away next week for a Flower Show in NEC. I will play “Elize Doolittle” next week, selling potted flowers.

And of course, like all other girls, I wish to shop till I drop during the summer sales and score myself some nice bargains along the way. I shall be in Amesbury this Thursday and Friday, all because I want to visit some tourist attractions and share them with you readers. And again, perhaps the following week when I return to Kent, I would visit some museums in London and share that experience with you.

So here’s something for you this week. There will be another update on Friday (though it would be Saturday, Malaysian time). Till then, all you people take care and keep coming back here. I am kiasu about my sitemeter readings, ok?





Have fun, Otto! :) And I hope you're having a great time with Alex.

1:53 am  

If you say so. lol. Have a good one.

4:32 am  

Thanks! You have a swell time too and I hope to be back online soon. Just got my broadband sorted but will be away for the flower show the whole of next week.

Will upload little stories everyday next week =) Cheers, babe!

And the gods of Kiasuland smile on us...

2:38 pm  

Roast duck? Sounded like four seasons to me, as confirmed by your tag words lol. Anyhow, welcome again to the UK.

9:51 am  

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