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Friday, March 17, 2006
Idle Paws And Breakfasts With MiniBoyFriends

"Aunty," he said, "Want to go for breakfast tomorrow morning?"

"What time? I need to go to work to print more documents," I said, balancing the mobile between my left ear and shoulder while painting my toe nails last night.

"This time we follow your timetable lah,"

"Okay, half eight morning, it is then," I replied.

"Wah aunty..... why so early?". He was laughing when he said that.

"Then? You said you follow my timetable what!" I croaked, "Okay, how about 9 a.m. then?"

"Set lah, aunty... see you then!"

Come 9:00 a.m. this morning, R has not called and I have called him instead. He did not pick up his mobile. Must be showering, I thought to myself. I was ready - ready to conquer the world (doing my errands in flats because I cannot walk in 3 inche heels anymore this week) in my sweet pink top. What is it with girls and pink? I do not know. I like pink. I love pink actually. And deepest shade of purple.

I am beginning to realise a trend here. I thought I was lazy and complacent at work but in actual fact, I am really efficient and I cannot tolerate people who are slow. For example, slow drivers. Please shoot me if any driver in front of me drives slower than 40km/hr. Better yet, shoot that guilty accident inducing driver!

Oh for that matter, this guy who was supposed to deliver a catalog to me last week. Two Mondays have since passed and I see no catalog on my table. This morning I sent him a sms.

"Hi ***. Don't want to nag you but where the hell is my catalog? I feel like Superman, wanting to fly to save the world but can't because my favorite red underwear is missing..."


But back to this morning, R missing and it was way pass 9:00 a.m. I usually have my breakfast with PY and another colleague of hers but I cancelled this morning's session, opting for breakfast with MiniBoyFriend, R instead. Without much to do and no one to annoy, I decided to toy with my new Ixus.

MiniBoyFriend finally replied my call at half pass nine. And by 10:40 a.m. I managed to squeeze in two sausages, two slices of bread, two egg whites (no yolks) and a cup of ice coffee into this tummy of mine.

Each time I have breakfast with BestGuyFriend (BGF for short), he would ask,
"Where on earth do you store all the breakfast you gobble down (you greedy little pig!)?"

I really do not know.



Bb... belly button! Damnit! You've got me all hot and bothered again. They are going to start questioning me at work why I keep heading out to the loo...

5:25 am  

For your sake, I hope it isn't cos of a urinary infection... LOL =P

8:03 am  

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