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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
The Love Bungee Jump

“Oh you like it like this, is it?” he said, then snickering a little.

“Stop it. Fuck off!”

There I was struggling to free myself. There were pushing and shoving, then there talking. It all seemed too lustful and too confusing at the same time. A mixture of courtesy and tangled politeness, I was trying to break free from the embrace of a man I called my friend.

Three seconds before, I was looking at a sample of products. Five seconds then after, he had a grin. He would try again, to tease and to gauge for a response. Will I? Will I not?

What is lacking in a longterm relationship was this very second that I am writing about – the most primal instinct in mankind, where all your senses are perked and you pay attention to the smallest detail of a blink of the eye or the smell of sweat and perfume mixed in a heady concoction. Where time blurs into nothingness and yet it moves at a great speed. Waiting for no one.

We were friends. We are still friends, I guess. But that few seconds blurred the friendship line a little more. Do your friends treat you this way? Do you treat your friends like this? Do you end up in an isolated office? Do you ask him to fuck off and take his hands off? Do you tell him that you are not interested in a quick shag? Does he mean it when he tells you that he loves you? Do you believe him or believe Alex’s “men will say anything to get a lay”?

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Your last sentence is absolutely correct - it's a woman's right to say no and to say it loud. Don't say it in a coy or shy way, you cannot beat around the bush if you really do not want anything else to happened.

Having said that, be careful with the kind of men that you are playing and teasing with - some may not take kindly to being led on and then being brushed off.

They wouldn't know your limits, and neither would you know theirs.

4:58 am  

This was a lovely read.

Thanks for sharing, Otto.

1:00 pm  

This was lovely.. I wish I had read something like this earlier!

Keep up the good entries! All the best!

1:22 pm  

what a pig!

4:12 pm  

I'll keep my snake under the skin next time... Hahahaa...

5:17 pm  

Do we men have a right to say no as well? I mean some girls seem to be like the stereotipical touchy man these days.... Hehe. It is a good post otto but i just wanted to say really that everyone always has the right to do whatever he or she wants. Dont let yourself be carried away by peer or social pressures.

I think it is so unfortunate that men somehow always end up as the bad person in love stories... or are portrayed as such. This is of course based on the fact that men are indeed bastards sometimes... However, not all of us are. What you would really help the male side of your readers with otto.. is by making a post how to distinguish the sexually driven advantage takers from the goodguys. And get me correct i am not saying that if you have a good man as a girl your not allowed to say no anymore i was merely wondering what life would be like if girls actually hunt guys instead of the other way around. It can be tiring you know. Approaching a girl you really genuinly like. First thing she will think is you are an asshole. Seriously its depressing.... You can not even ask some girls for the time nowadays and they thing you want sex.

1:30 am  

What the fuck!
We men are always to blame. he..he..

3:02 am  

If "NO" didn't work, kick him in the balls...

8:55 am  

Or just kick him in the balls anyway....

8:56 am  

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