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Monday, May 29, 2006
How Men Are

To Bill and everyone who emailed me with sweet bon voyage messages.

~ How Men Are, Aztec Camera.
A very meaningful song for a Monday morning when you think about love, men and relationship.

"It's called love
And every cruelty will cloud it
And his lie
True love could never allow it
'Cos it's a lie that we have ceased to believe
We've said goodbye but it won't take its leave

Why should it take the tears of a woman
To see how men are

It's no mystery
What you don't know always gets you
It will hurt you and desert you
So you'd better see
That it's a damage ever done by degrees
And some will take eternity to believe

Why should it take the tears of a woman
To see how men are

'Cos love is a giving with no need of return
It lends itself to everything
And maybe one day man will see
That love is a lesson money never taught us to learn
Love is the power to act
Without the premise that there's nothing for free

And sometimes when we're just getting by and getting along
It's like we're scared to see that something is wrong

Why should it take the tears of a woman
To see how men are
~ How Men Are, Aztec Camera

The whole weekend has been an excuse to party.. to say good bye for the summer.. to purge our souls of secrets we never told...

Someone said he loved me.
Someone said he lusted for me.
Someone said she will miss our girlie talks while I was gone.
Someone did not bother to come at all.
Someone cried.
Someone laughed.
Someone looked and thought how life was before New Year 2006.
Someone wished that it did not change.
Someone was glad that it did.
Someone avoided me to avoid the conversation.
Someone wanted to start a new conversation.
Someone confronted and someone let it be.
Someone strayed and someone was free.




Sometimes I wonder if face-to-face goodbyes are better left unsaid. Letters or note and even messages appeal more to me to avoid the embarrassment and awkwardness during the period when waiting to depart...

Hugs, kisses and tears... *shudders*

6:33 am  

I usually cry whenever Alex leaves me. Or if I have to leave Alex. I always tell myself that I shouldn't cry but I just do. I cried at the check in counter the last time I flew back in Sept 05. "Sorry but I just left someone I love," I said, between soft sobs. Check in counter officer was extra nice.

There will be no airport good-byes between R and I. He is allergic to saying goodbye to girls at the airport and I feel for him.

Most are just drinking nights, dinner parties and lots of drunk slobbering good byes... *hahaha*

6:55 am  

Sometimes it's better not saying it at all.

7:45 am  

saying goodbyes are not a bad thing.. because the feeling u get when u see that very person months and months later is all worth it

10:48 am  

Off topic : How do you say a proper goodbye? as in idontloveyouanymore. Is there such thing as a proper goodbye?

Otto : Emailed you.

12:32 pm  


Boss Stewie
There is a farewell that lasts for a week each year whenever I leave for the UK... and "Welcome Home" parties when I get back too. I guess me gang just parties at any given excuse =)

Idon'tloveyouanymore-s are tricky. I always imagined it is drastic. I'll either just walk out without saying a word or have the fit of the century.

Don't see your email?

2:55 pm  

Have a safe flight, Otto! You must be hella excited!


7:44 am  

"You flew a day earlier so you can eat duck rice with your new friends," Alex said when I told him that I would be flying a day earlier than anticipated.

I am excited about duck rice with Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton *mmmmmm*


8:52 am  

Be happy... =)

11:46 am  

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