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Thursday, June 01, 2006
This Is Not A Good Bye

I am sitting in Starbucks with half a muffin and a soy milk with vanilla. My stomach's full since yesterday. I have been pigging out.

Oh god, I can't even write straight. There are so many people here in KLIA. Everyone is going somewhere. A pretty Malay lady in her 40s cried as she kissed her husband goodbye. Her kids were laughing at her folly. "Only three days lah..." the daughter said to her mother.

My parents dropped me at the airport. They did not stop to wait for me to embark. Maybe they are numb and they no longer feel that I am away. They did not even say good bye. Maybe they did not even look at me in the eye. Heck, I was too busy carrying 30 kgs of stuff from the car to the trolley, I did not see them too. I just gave them a quick hug and went on my way.

This is how life is for me. For the pass 5 years, I have traveled to Europe during the summer and spent my summers there. Sometimes there is work and sometimes I just play the desperate housewife role. All friends come out to play. There are loads of photos in my camera at the moment. E, PY and kid, BestGuyFriend and Nikki were out with me and we had grand dinner together. Lots to drink and I was quite red by 10 p.m.

Everyone gets emotional. But you see, flying these days is like a piece of cake. It's so easy and so free. Communication is affordablel and you are only as far as your heart and eyes permit you to be. So there is no good bye from me, no good byes from my friends. Just a new phase and a new life for the next 4 months, before returning home to Malaysia, to work and to celebrate About Nude Not Naked's 1st anniversary in Sept.

My 1st flight is delayed by 35 minutes. I do not have my on-going boarding pass. What this means is I will have to run through the gates and find the counter that would print me my next boarding pass in Changi. Ah the hassle!

A friend called me out of the blue. I said that I was about to check for my flight. He asked how much I paid and I said RM3149 for a Qantas flight to London. "You should asked me to book for you! I get MAS direct flights for less than RM3000," he said.

My heart's burning...

Then there was this lady who queued behind me and I overheard her asking the officer, "Do you have immediate first class tickets?"

I immediately felt poor.

But what I have been building for is now coming to pass. There is no regrets. Whatever I have forgotten to pack (like my UK mobile card) will be left behind and replaced when I get to Kent. I am so excited and tired out by everything. Will update when I get there, babe. Perhaps with a photo of duck rice or two.



May I ask what is in Kent?

2:27 am  

Enjoy your holiday babe!! :>
most importantly enjoy Alex hor!!

2:31 am  

Dear Otto,

Enjoy your break. :)

3:17 am  

Enjoy your holiday and do whatever you think you should do.

5:06 am  

Looking fwd to reading your further adventures in the yoo-kay. :)

6:30 am  

ho ho ho ... not long now before the duck

11:08 am  

:D Is Kent tourist-worthy? I am now a weekend tourist, being in UK for the first time

12:49 am  

I request photos of the legendary duck rice!

3:06 am  

duck rice?
leng mou?

9:51 am  

There are lots of trees and flowers and gardens in Kent...... and lots of people... erm, lots of lots....

Enjoying Alex now lor *winks*

Thanks, babe. Currently no internet until 15th of June... it sucks.. but there are plenty to write about and I will come back with a vengence!

Thank you. I will write loads though during the next four months... or at least I hope that I would......

The first thing about the UK is I don't have internet connection until 15th June...... almost feel like back home with Telekom *sigh*

Boss Stewie
Was a pleasure meeting you and chatting with you. Too bad we couldn't do more on that day... but was splendid to meet you and Boss Lepton =) Catch you in email soon.

Kent is known as "Garden of England"... there are loads to see and do here, especially with nature.... there are plenty of parks, gardens and forts/castles to visit... and now with the fine weather set at 25c, it's just perfect for a picnic!

The bosses and I were so excited about the duck, we ate everything and forgot the photo! Hahahaha, but I am sure has a photo or two.

Duck rice with the two bosses. Super yummy. Would head into London soon for another round at Four Seasons.... Boss Lepton coming along, babe?

6:04 pm  

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