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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
The Nude, Invading Your Town This Weekend

Am supposed to attend an interview on the 4th May at 9:00 freaking a.m. in the middle of sardine packed KL. Just thinking that I will have to wake up at 6 a.m. to prepare for the damn interview is giving me wrinkles. So I've decided to stay 10 minutes walk away from the embassy tonight and save myself the damn hassle. Have a grand breakfast with PY and walk to the embassy in time for my morning glory interview at 9:00 a.m.

That would only mean I have no excuse not to go contribute to the Malaysian economy. I should be drinking and dancing on some bar top somewhere. Perhaps give Maison a visit since I have been reading about it in YC's and Fairy's blogs? Am rallying some friends go out with since I am quite sure PY would want to sit in the hotelroom in her PJs at 10 p.m. chewing on watercrest.

I will be away from Wednesday onwards, for the interview, shopping, some serious drinking (recompensate the 3 months self-confinement) and a drive along the countryside from Thursday late afternoon and only be back home on late Sunday (if all things work out). PY is quite excited about it. I am just laidback.

The Nude, Invading Your Town This Weekend.

"There are no 5 star hotels in Kuala Kangsar, Chemor or Kuala Kubu Baru, babe," I replied each time she said she wanted to book rooms for us. I am not sure if there are but heck, I am not telling PY! I want an adventure, not comfy hotel rooms with minibars and swimming pools (though I could do using my 4 bikinis).

The thrill is to just drive until you are tired, eat when you are hungry and stay somewhere when it grows dark. You do not need anything more than some clothes, a credit card, some cash and a whole lot of adventurous spirit!

All we know is that we will end up in Penang by the end of the journey and back. Would love to have met up with Boss Stewie, if not for the fact he prefers duck rice in Four Seasons (not the hotel) in the land of the Feraris.

So you guys up north, prepare for the Nude's invasion this coming weekend!!!

Oh yes, won't be able to write much till I return from the trip. Definitely no emails and no comments. Where possible, I'll try write a little something each day, save in draft and publish using PY's O2.

Much love from me to you,




i want to be back in penang as well!!!

london is hardly an adventure

1:11 am  

The car you're driving (in the photo) too small larr... dangerous.... not to mention you read while you drive some more.... :P

Anyway...enjoy your trip! Next time can visit me in Johor...hehe...but honestly Johor Bahru nothing much comparing to Penang... will love a trip to Penang too....

1:39 am  

Ahh... Roadtrip. Used to drive around, use the big highway reststops for sleep and showers, and drive around somemore. Unfortunately, its lost its appeal over time.

3:36 am  

the best thing about roadtrip is that you can stop spontaneously just for kicks or just to do anything. not sure whether you can do it on highways back in msia. haha. well, enjoy yourself. take your time to enjoy everybit of the journey!

3:58 am  

I'll play host if a trip to Seremban is in your future plans. Anyway, enjoy your journey and most of all... take care!

4:03 am  

dont be oblivious to lurking danger.

5:40 am  

Boss Stewie
But I love the musuems in London, esp the Natural History Museum. Am awed at the sight of huge dinosaur fossils. And the duck rice, of course.

Wanna see me drive hands free? Penang is a beautiful place. This time, I'll go dancing dancing dancing.. yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

I love roadtrips. Reminds me of childhood and carefree days with barbie dolls =)

10:53 am  

You can stop anywhere and watch the locals do their stuff. Discovered a leaning tower while in Teluk Intan, on the way to Pangkor and Fraser's Hill.

That's why I love free and easy tour packages. I like to do it at my own pace, have enough time to explore the surroundings and interact with the locals.

Have always passed by Seremban but never stopping to learn a little more about the place. Now I have a reason to do so =)

Thank you for that thoughtful reminder!! Don't want to get myself into sticky situations, now do I?

10:57 am  

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