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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Of Torque, Gear Sticks and Accelerators


Rejoice with me as I celebrate my first paid article. I was so excited about it, I jumped out of bed two hours earlier than the appointment and played dress up. Went for the appointment and looked at the three assignments available.

“Why can’t you let me write about shoes instead?” I asked, hands shivering after reading the assignments. I laughed, then shook my head. There is no way of backing out now. I have to do this assignment, it is my golden opportunity and I must rise to the occasion.

I found out that minute that I am to write about cars. Here is the catch - I have not a clue about cars other than it (often time) has four wheels. And oh, the crucial bit - men wet themselves over sleek, sexy ones.

First of all, I do not have a clue what the terminologies I have to use. Torque, in my mind, is this handsome, tall, slender, tan skin Craig David lookalike, with freshly shaved face and nice locks for hair…. So first task is to acquaint myself with the new words. Make friends with them because I will be using them for the next few months.

My swift consolation is that I drive well. By this I mean, I drive both manual and auto extremely well. I make big cars, small babies, sweet things and fast racers purr as I cream the accelerator. But above all of that, I am a speed babe and my heart is like that of a lion's. Come on, who else but me in my Proton would dare race a BMW (a cute driver in the spanking new babe magnet) down a tight dual carriage every now and then?

And perhaps if all goes well (meaning: the editor likes me) and I do enjoy writing about cars, I might just squeeze a small column for myself some day? Say “Otto for Motorheads” if you want to read about a sexy girl gently caressing the gear sticks of even sexier cars.

So test driving, here I come!

Photo courtesy of Alan Khoo.



Woah? Test drive cars? That's cool. I remember a time when I used to walk into carshows like I owned the place just to test drive cars I couldn't afford. Those days are gone. Nowadays, I just content myself to occasional road hogging when some showoff comes along the highway just to spite the idiot behind the wheel.

8:50 am  

Yay! Just met up with my scout and everything's going to the editor's.

Like I've said, I have no vocabulary for the article and had to develop some as I wrote. It has been an interesting experience and I can't wait to get myself into the car seat.

Sentence of the day:
"You can write about fashion and shoes and eye colors... just make a connection to the car and you write..."

10:18 am  

Damn! I'd love to test drive and review cars!

7:01 am  

Damn! Just what I needed... another motor junkie with a blog........ well looks like there is lots to learn from your blog, babe =) cheerz!

9:24 am  

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