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Monday, March 13, 2006

Filling up the forms for The Amazing Race requires dedication! E and I spent the whole of today just tweaking our entries... we had to rush, run, beg, plead, be cute, bat our slitty eyes - all in the name of last minute conversion to DVD, some recent photographs that needed printing, passport photo of E and filling up the forms (makes SPM seem like a breeze!) Thankfully we managed to complete everything required and the parcel is on its way! *yay*

The whole process taught me a thing or two about my friendship with E. There are still things that I learn about her every day! That girl still spring a couple of surprises every now and then.

Reflecting on the application process, it doesn't really matter if we get through or not. To be honest I am more prepared for it not getting through and it is okay. This whole business of video recording ourselves and filling up the forms brought tonnes of laughter to PY, E and I. And that will be a sweet memory for a long time to come.

Here are some photos from today's session.

And this is how we warm ourselves up each leg of the race....

There will be times E will carry me through... and other times when I will carry her load... and that's how we will share The Amazing Race experience.

Me and my shadow.



I was wondering where you had upped and gone off to. Good luck to you both and hope you make it ;) I see you didn't try the ole bike riding in the buff trick. Hahe.

3:32 pm  

I thought I'd take a rest from writing since not many readers seem to write comments to me. Was figuring whether I have been writing shitty things that not many bothered spending 1 minute commenting on or whether I was just a boring person to the rest... Hence my lack of entries =)

The race is a family oriented show, I have been reminding myself... not wrote too much abt drinking and dancing on bar tops.... and promise to cut down on swearing...........

So most certainly nothing in the buff, GB!

3:38 pm  

Hey, you signed up for the thing. Hope to see you on TV you STAR. :)

6:32 pm  

Boring? You turned me into a stalker, dangnamit! lol. Maybe you should drop in one of those hit counter thingies just to see how much of a following you have ;)

2:48 am  

Yup, gf and I joined for the heck of it... the amount of fun just filling up the forms and meeting all the nice people who helped us along the way... it's truly an AMAZING race.

I am afraid I would cry once I install one of those counters.... just imagine that I do not have more than 3 people reading my rubbish... what utter heartbreak!

Ignorance is bliss, so they say..... I should consider one though and now would, since you have also suggested it.

2:36 pm  

Well, you could always get E to handle it for you and break the news to slowly should it be bad. But I'm sure it is good.

I think its true the saying that getting there is half the fun.

4:40 pm  

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