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Sunday, March 05, 2006
Community Service Announcement

Everyone, please take note of Nude Not Naked's first ever Community Service Announcement.
Help us find the best firefighters for Malaysia.

  • To raise a squad of super firefighters that are well equiped.

  • Because Malaysia Boleh!
    - much love to Suanie *muaks*

  • Print three copies of this announcement, preferably using sticker paper.

  • Stick the announcement six feet from the ground in available urinals.

  • Replace announcement regularly.

  • Forward this announcement to every single friend on your MSN/hotmail/gmail/friendster/etc list.

  • Ask them to repeat the instructions above and soon we will have good looking firefighters zooming in big, red fire engines.

To forward this entry to your friend, please copy and paste the following:

Now girls, stop giggling. This is a VERY SERIOUS announcement.

Small Talk
Perhaps I should nominate Kenny Sia, seeing that his dickonorsaurus is as famous as the rest of fabulous him?

* Find out how you can purchase this t-shirt from Scarlette Ting.



Lol. And here I was just commenting about pissing on top of the urinals...

4:16 pm  

Perhaps you should print one and try aiming... you might just be what our country need - a great firefighter =)

4:36 pm  

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