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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
I Hate Maths

Personally I hate Maths. High school years were spent diligently attending to my English lessons, being the teacher's pet and all. But when it came to Maths, I hated it so much, I hardly had any exercise books or text books. And my mother's a maths teacher!

When I opened my email this morning and saw this maths deduction, I laughed myself silly.

Woman = problems

How true is this, guys? Do you think that woman equals to problems? Or do women add sparks in your life?

It got me thinking.........

Man = ???

So come on girls, what do you think men equals to? Honey cupcakes? Tears? Restless nights? Laughter?

Now if you would excuse me, I need to find a genius to write another maths equation.




Nice...! You really make today feel wonderful.

4:48 am  

They add spice.

But to some, the song, "No Woman No Cry" written by V.Ford and sung by Bob Marley, applies.

5:04 am  

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