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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Love, Hugs and Kisses

The Mad Race Against Time
Mad. It has been a mad, mad day as E and I raced our applications through the postal services. It has been mad days filling up the forms, photo sessions that brought peals of laughter to PY, E and I... and the video recording session - I am as animated as most MTV VJs, dang!

Time spent in the last few days
  • laughing = 10%

  • bumming around at Starbucks = 3%

  • making fun of each other = 6%

  • serious thinking = 81%

Tension mount at 1000 hrs today, as we picked up the final copy of our video recording.... Nick (what a sweet soul) edited and converted into DVD at the very last minute. Bless his soul for helping us!

We then raced to CitiLink, where the sweet lady
  • commented that E and I looked similar and wondered if we were sisters.

  • that they cannot guarantee that the parcel will reach the destination by tomorrow midnight.

  • suggested that we give DHL a try because no one knows Asia better than they do.

There was sweat and tears as I pressed the pedal and drove us to DHL. Reached in new record time of 20 minutes. The door had a funny chime that continued chiming until someone open the door. A lady with the most brown and beautiful eyes received us at the door and we proceeded to the counter to discuss our amazing dilemma - the courier MUST arrive by tomorrow midnight.

A gentleman joined her and together, they discovered that they were not able to receive the parcel because it was to a P.O. Box address. They phoned some other companies and this includes Pos Malaysia. All courier services were unable to deliver to any P.O. Box addressed. Pos Malaysia was willing to send but the parcel will be sent on "sender's risk".

E was negotiating as I raced back to the car twice, once to retrieve my mobile and the other to pick up remaining documents. "Can you guarantee the parcel will arrive no later than Wednesday, 15th March midnight?" E asked. The sweet lady was busy on the phone, trying to confirm whether DHL could guarantee the delivery. On top of this problem of posting our application on time, we had to deal with the fact that we could not post to the P.O. Box address, not without a telephone number.

Consequently I suggested that we get someone to check online for the phone number. The guy was kind enough to offer doing it on the spot for us. And it was at that second that we found out that the application date has been extended.

What utter relief!!! I just could not believe what I heard and had to walk into the counter to see the computer screen and see with my very eyes! YES YES YES YES YES!!! I jumped up and down, so excited and happy that there was an extension. I swear E and I developed additional wrinkles at the corners of our eyes by 2 p.m.

The DHL delivery costs RM97.10 to Singapore and RM171.70 to Hong Kong, by the way. And the lady was kind enough to advise us to take the afternoon off, relax and plan which courier service to hire. What fantastic customer service! I am a DHL fan forever because of the kindness of these two strangers, who were happy and supportive of application.

The Reward
We were so happy, we shared a pizza, a lasagne and 12 pieces of KFC nuggets. I had an additional bowl of mushroom soup - comfort food. Reminds me of the time when E and I used to attend step classes twice a week, followed by a visit to the pizza shop for a large Hawaiian Pizza with extra, extra cheese................

"You go down first and place our order," I said as I stopped my car in front of the little mamak shop.

"No, we have to go together. The Amazing Race requires team mates to complete tasks together, so we have to start practicing now," E replied.

Now that is the most original excuse I have heard for girlfriend companionship.

The Break and The Coming Days
Took the afternoon off and relaxed for meals with E. I felt so chuffed with the recent development that I could have shopped but then again, I promised myself that I should control this "spending to feel good" habit of mine, so I did not buy a single thing (other than the moisturizer and SPF15 that I actually needed).

Spent the evening watching and chatting with E. I have not sat down for a TV session for such a long time, it felt like luxury to me. Came home at 10 p.m. because I thought it would be nice to update this blog a little =)

"We'll take some more photos over the next few days and tweak our application, ok?" I said over the phone.


"Let's take tomorrow a break. We'll start on Thursday," I replied.

I could hear the sigh of relief over the end of the line.

It has been a long, long day. I had other errands to run today, which included visiting my family doc for a course of Zovirax for my maid who is down with Chicken Pox. Visit doctor no fun, not even if he was dashing.

More photos coming out in the next few days, so keep your eyes pealed to this page!

A Big Thank You To
  • Jack who printed new copies of the forms for us. He was so sweet when he shook my hands and wished us all the best for the race.

  • Uncle and Aunty Fuji shop who helped us develop the photos we needed urgently. Placed our request on top priority. Got best wishes and warm smiles from them.

  • Nick and 2 of his employees who generously opened the shop earlier to accomodate our special SUPER URGENT order. Nick took time off between serving his customers to make a special cardboard envelope for the DVD.

  • CitiLink Girl who gave us two thumbs up and gave us the best advice to her knowledge. She sent us to DHL!

  • Mr. and Ms. DHL who unceasingly helped us with the many phone calls (even to Singapore HQ) to confirm our delivery. Their amazing ability to help us sincerely really show us that there are people out there who are still willing to lend a hand to those in need of assistance.

Small Talk
If you have been religiously catching The Amazing Race Season Nine, you would realise how cheeky Jeremy and Eric have been. There was one incident where they commented that they are nice to the girl team "Dani/Danielle" so that they could get into their pants and in the same episode, remarked how attractive another female competitor was, with her bf being the turn off.

"What would you do if guys say such things abt you, E?" I asked. I answered my question seconds later, before E could.

"I would be the one who makes such cheeky comments, not any other boys" I said.

E laughed as my feminist side stirs on.



"ohhotps" That's the word verification thingy that I keyed in earlier. I think it sounds about right. As in "Oh! Hot Pictures" Cool!

4:35 pm  

For me, I saw "ohhotps" as "oh hot pants"...


I am not going wearing any hot pants.... such a no no for me.

11:24 pm  

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