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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Hi, I am Exotic

First Impression Counts
From landing your dream job to walking down the aisle with the man of your dreams, it all begins that first all important five seconds. How you make the best of the first impression to a certain extend, determines how successful and likely you will be at a given task - friendships, job interviews, love flushes etc.

I think I have failed in describing how crucial frst impressions are. The only adjective I can think of at the moment is "important" and I know in my heart that first impressions is MORE THAN IMPORTANT. It is important and almost everything else.

Almost everything about you is pre-determined and pre-judged within those few seconds. It is a sad fact but people often judge a book by its cover. Do not take my word for it. Just ask any publishers, writers and illustrators and they would tell you designing a book cover is almost as important as the contents of the book! And in the human realm, we often judge people within the first five seconds of meeting/interacting with the person.

The Stellars Do It Hot
I am sure that most of you are well acquianted with The Stellars (that do not need any more introduction, thanks to Kenny Sia who has released them into blogsphere fame). I cannot see their friendster profile because I don't believe in friendster (which is why I don't have many readers and I don't get linked to my million of friends out there). Or at least I think that this is the reason why I can not see any of their profiles.

Anyway what is your first reaction when you read about them? What is your first impression? Feel free to read through the comments attached to Kenny's entry on The Stellars and you will see the whole wide range of reaction and first impressions. Some liked them and admired their courage for being confident and bold. Some puked, 'nuff said.

As for my reaction, I am inclined to sing the nursery rhyme "Pease Porridge Hot".

"Some like it hot
Some like it cold
Some like it in the pot
Nine days old"
~ Pease Porridge, a nursery rhyme

Whatever lah - just as long as those girls are happy - whatever rocks their little pink Barbie boats.

But do you see the reaction those Stellar photos incur? How perceptions and opinions are formed about any given person in the first few seconds of chancing upon them? How a fan club can be formed or how a hate site can be born, just from a handshake, a photo, a wift of her perfume or the color of his tie?

How Much Is Too Much?
We have established the fact that first impressions are vital in deciding our success rates in many aspects of our life choices. Consequently have you ever given some thought to the impressions that you are giving out through your blog? Since we often pour our heart and soul, personal details and sometimes even details of our whereabouts (ID card number, place of work or intimate photos from our daily lives) have we thought about the consequences of revealing so much of ourselves?

Perhaps once we are sharing our lives so openly with anyone with access to the internet, we are also exposing ourselves to the opions and perceptions of others. Do we really understand the implication of having our faces and lives splashed all over the blogs? Being top searched in Technorati sometimes could be a hellish nightmare. Just ask Tammy and Dawn. Well not being searched on Technorati does not matter much if your face appears on the most peddled porn at the moment.

I asked myself this question many times whenever I write in Nude, Not Naked - how much of myself should I share? How much is safe? What is private? And of course to blur blur blur blur those photos as much as I can, simply because as much as I like to write and share my thoughts with you guys, I would also like to draw a line and know definitely which parts of Otto I am not willing to reveal to the world.

Because first impression counts.

What's Your First Impression?
So what is everyone's first impression of you? Have you ever asked your friends what they thought of you? What signals do you send out to people around you - workmates, acquaintances, friends etc?

Name me the one word that is used often to describe you.

Smart? Independent? Depressed? Sexy? Funny? Spoilt? Prude? Nymph?

How much of yourself are you willing to share with others in your blog? Do you have concerns about your safety? Whether your privacy is invaded? Whether you would find yourself perhaps some fans and 2.5 fulltime stalkers? Would your personal lifestyle be found out by others and be used against you subsequently (think office politics)?

Small Talk
My intention was to rant when I wrote Feeling Bad For Being A UK Size 8. I wanted to share with you the pressure of being a certain weight/height/figure/shape, to conform to society's perception of beauty, which is often ridiculous and even more often causes distress and stress to the person involved.

I am feeling rather guilty that some readers feel that PY has ulterior motives, which I would like to think that she doesn't and therefore I am feeling rather bad for the entry - which then leads me to determine to write an entry that has PY in good light.



Narcissistic. Megalomaniacal. Evil.

6:50 pm  

Poseur. Vindictive. Capricious tyrant.

3:07 am  

I would say my first impression of you would be that you are smart and perhaps delicate.

I don't see no narcissism....???

And how did an identity such as Peacelover be associated with such negative impressions? Now too bad that you did not list your blog or I could tell you what I felt when I read you.

4:31 am  

It's just a joke. Hahaha....
You may spill it over here on what you felt upon reading me. I wouldn't mind the least.

4:41 am  

Most people, when given the task of listing adjectives, would list more dark/negative adjectives than the positive. Tells us the state of the human mind.

4:43 am  

I'm a pacifist. Let's talk peace.

9:34 am  

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