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Friday, February 24, 2006
All Angels Wear High Heels

Marathon Story
I quite possibly walked more than ten miles in the last two days. It would be have been an ordinary feat, if not for the fact that I walked in super high heels. Now Kenny Sia and his legion of fans, eat your hearts out.

So what could I possibly do, walking in high heels for ten miles? The answer lies in the most passionate female sports ever created and greater still than the Olympics, the sports of shopping. And meeting up with friends, who similarly took the days of work to hang around shopping malls, like scrawny teenagers. I managed to purchase a tweed jacket and a Japanese kimono inspired blouse from TopShop and had a nice chat with the cute looking cashier *shameless* Was given a voucher for my birthday *happy*

Small Conclusion for Tonight
Had loads of fun in the pass two days, dining and shopping. That's dining with friends and shopping alone. Somehow I enjoy the solitude and the comfort of choosing my own pace and boutiques to plunder, thus never shopped with friends.

Now dining is a whole different ballgame altogether. I believe that mealtimes must always be enjoyed in good company. Had that luxury since childhood having all meals with my family and blessed with excellent friends, who made each meal extra delicious.

Will come back to write more tomorrow, when I am not reading any of the Roald Dahl books I bought from the MPH warehouse sales.

A little too scatter brain-ed at the moment to write something decent for you guys.

Coming up in the next entry:
"You can keep different boyfriends at different postcodes" - OMG! Now which girl said that?

Small Talk
Now who would not want to read an entry with a title like "Do they wear high heels in heaven?" The answer is, Yes, Slinky Baby. You will hear the distinct sound of high heels clinking everywhere along heavenly streets.

Just ask any guy and he'd tell you all angels wear high heels.



im a gold-medalist in shopping.
the only Roald Dahl book i've read so far was Mathilda. the poor physic girl who has conflicts with her stern school headmistress.

10:38 pm  

Cheng Sim:
Now that's odd. Mathilda is the ONLY Roald Dahl book that I failed to read! I've tried reading more than three times and each time proved to be unsuccessful. I just did not fancy Mathilda.

However I loved all other Roald Dahl characters, such as Danny (from Danny Champion of the World), the Roly Poly bird, BFG and James (from James and the Giant Peach).

Bought the whole series and an adult book of his. I've heard that he wrote broadly and even his stories for adults were delightful.

3:02 am  

Why does the name Roald Dahl sound so familiar? I swear I have read him before...

Did he write Charlie and Choc Fact? Lamb to the Slaughter? If yes, then I'm sure I've read most of his stories. lol.

2:58 am  

Yup, you've got the guy right! I've read a couple of his children books and loved all but Mathilda. They are imaginative and highly entertaining.

I have an adult book by RD too and would like to start on as soon as I finish the 7 remaning DVDs... MUAHAHAHAHA...

6:44 am  

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