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Monday, February 13, 2006
Help Needed. Desperately.

I need help. Desperately.

I woke up today feeling rather vain and so decided to add some photos to the side bar. They lined up nicely when you are at but they will go all crazy when you click on any of the permalinks. For example, this and this.

Haven't got a clue how I've managed to do whatever this thing in the blogspot does for the amount of time that I have. Don't even know how I have survived.

Can someone out there HEEEEEEELP me? Please??



Try deleting the 'style' attribute from the <img> tag.

When I say 'style' attribute, I mean the line style="float:right; margin:0 0 10px 10px;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;".

That should solve your problem.

6:17 pm  

Yay! Finally fixed it!!!

Thanks, gbyeow! You've saved my day.... now the only last problem is the tagboard, which I can't find the style line or something similar to it...

Work is just never done, ain't it? I am definitely a bored worker.

11:29 am  

Quick fix for the tag board:
1. Add <li><div align="right"> before the opening <table> tag of the tagboard.
2. Add </div></li> after the closing </table> tag of the tagboard.

Also, the 'On The Loop' image/link is listed inside an unordered list <ul> without the <li> tag. This is causing the images to appear after the blog text has been displayed. For example, You main page, where the images only appear AFTER all the posts have been displayed, instead of immediately after the tagboard. You might like to surround the image/link with a <li> and </li> pair to fix this problem.

5:20 pm  

Fixed! Fixed!! Yay!!!

Thank you so much, Gbyeow! Trulyl apperciate your help... I don't know how you managed to read thru the template and spot those mistakes. I am at awe!

Good day ahead, babe.

3:41 am  

You're most welcome. Call it a finicky gift on my part born out of boredom.

And you my dear, have a pleasant day in return.

3:52 am  

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