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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Giddy Happy

Morning everyone! *smiles smiles smiles*

One is often described as a morning person or a night person. I, for one, am definitely a MORNING person. I smile from the moment I open my eyes. I always imagined it to be quite a scene, since I bury myself among eight pillows (two which are down feather ones - luxury!) and some times, accompanied by Elliot, a beanie pig (which is a gift from a dear gf. I would never buy myself any soft toys... nooooo, never....) Oh did I mention my thick duvet? I love my duvet and must be wrapped in it every night, even on nights that are too hot to do so.

And from the moment I open my eyes, I am humming like a busy bumble bee. I dance. I sing. I entertain myself with silly dance steps and laugh. I smile and look at the reflection in the mirror. Sometimes I have my iTunes switched on, like today with Low Million's Hundred Blouses playing at the moment.

I have a special guest or probably, several special guests who decided to make my window their home for the next month or so. Every morning at approximately eight, the mother bird (or father bird) will bring food to the nest and all the little babies will chirp and vie for some delicious worms. I will have to put up with them until the little ones grow up, I guess. Well, Milo will be happy once their are able to fly. Makes great Milo breakfast food.

Oh shoosh! Milo is so huge and lazy, he hardly can catch a bird, even when it is in its infancy. He will hardly sink his teeth into anything not resembling his favorite dry biscuits in his food bowl. Think Garfield and that's what Milo looks like and behaves. He is a red smoke long hair, if any cat lovers reading this would like to know.

I am literally guilty of taking yesterday after lunch hours off. E and PY were having lunch in Burger King. I joined them after my lunch with BGF (Best Guy Friend). Slurped on a glass of Blackcurrant juice and finished it too quickly. Harassed them to walk around the mall with the excuse that I need the exercise. The true reason is I have been trying to part with my money since returning home from Phuket. At the rate that my credit card is lying dormant in my red Esprit purse, I am waiting for the day UOB's visa card officers to call me and relay the following conversation.

UOB: Hello, may I speak to Miss Otto?

Otto: Speaking. Who's this?

UOB: I am a representative from UOB's credit cards. There is a irregular activity in your credit card, so I would like to confirm some things.

Otto: Irregular? What's wrong?

UOB: Oh nothing's wrong. You have not been using your credit card since January 13th, so I am calling to enquire of your wellbeing. It is highly unusual that you do not use your visa at all. You have failed to shop in your two favorite boutiques, spending a quarter of your salary there. Your usual Friday night spending in the restaurants also ceased. What happened to the luxury goods that you intend to purchase? And you normally purchase some tickets from AirAsia too. Whatever happened? I hope that you are alright. Do you need me to send flowers? Make you tea with lemon? Send some special pillows to prop your tired shopping feet up?


Consequently I was making it my mission of the day to purchase something on Valentine's Day. But guess what? There was not a single thing that is worth buying. I am wondering whether this is the immediate effect from the realization that (for once in my life) that perhaps I have more than enough and do not need to buy anything. *shock* *horror*

Side track: A little info
Part of my education required me to study psychology and it was my favorite subject. I loved observing people and deciding whether their pass influences their current and future, that their childhood psychosis can lead to their adult madness and repetitive destruction. On the same plane, how a parent's early nurturing can support/encourage a baby to grow to his fullest potential - to achieve greater things in life.

And this is the one and only reason that sets the life achievers apart from the losers (other than the play of genetics). Genetics can not be altered after conception but nurturing can make the best of the worst of genetics and birth forth an Einstein or perhaps Hugo. It can ultimately harm the best of genetics and create a demented soul. Hence the likes of Ted Bundy and perhaps Osama bin Laden.

Learning psychology influenced my life greatly. It caused my conscious self to awake. To dissect my actions into cause and effect, to value and think why I do the things that I do (and why everyone else does the things that they do).

I often questioned my penchant for shopping and wondered if the cupboard and two chest of clothes, two shoe racks filled with mid range expensive shoes, three watches and my pearls and silverware, shelves of books etc were bought to replace an emptiness in my heart. By the look of my shopping acquisition and comparing to my notes from psychology classes, I knew deeply in my heart, knew and pretended not to know that the emptiness in my heart was one big chunk of it.

And perhaps now I finally feel that I could rest on Alex (instead of spending night after night searching for someone who could make me feel whole) shopping has come to an abrupt halt. I no longer get a buzz from shopping.

I got it from Alex.

Keeping Mum
My vday tradition includes catching a movie. With Alex and previous Swedish love being foreigners, working in their respective countries on vday, I have successfully spent the last five vdays without them. Instead I am with friends and yesterday, I was with E and PY. Decided to catch Keeping Mum. It was hilarious and entertaining, just my sort of movie actually. I hate slapsticks and much prefer dark comedies. AB said this many times but I will repeat it nonetheless, as I wish to reveal a little of myself, so my readers can form a mental image of who I am without ever having to see me - "You possess a dark personality," AB said every so often, as we discussed the difference between the many girls he knew.

I loved the stark comparison between the act of tea drinking "shall I make a cup of tea?" (or something along that line) and the murders, making the murders seem legitimate and almost necessary.

Misc info: Holly's 1st bf, a guy with dark hair and goatee reminded me of my Swedish love. And speaking of my Swedish love, his mother passed away approximately three weeks ago and February 15th is her funeral date. He called to inform me of her passing. Such tragedy. My deepest condolence to him and his family on the recent lost.

It is now almost an hour since writing, so I need to rush off to work soon. Have a fantastic day ahead!!!


Small Talk
If you see someone going about her errands in a black top with sequined collar and a black pair of trousers, black shoes, 70s Charlie's Angels inspired hairdo, that would be me..... especially if the girl in question is driving at a maddening speed, that is definitely me...

While most friends found this post-bday haircut tolerable (mum said, it's so old fashion - but that's my point, it's grandma cool) they lamented the lost of the long locks.

"You chopped off your hair?"

Well I did... and now I have this 70s hair do... Oh well, this hair of mine grows so fast, it keeps my hairdresser occupied fulltime... long locks will come back in a month or two =)



My mornings are usually filled with groans, mutterings, endless snoozes, and the disability to open my eyes. I am always impressed when I meet a morning person. I can never understand how one achieves such levels of insanity...

3:58 am  

haha...i second gbyeow. Totally salute a morning person. I'm such an owl.

12:03 pm  

It feels near miracle each morning, when the sun rise... and everything feels new again... and you feel that there is hope for good things to come your way....

Am curious abt your respective partners. Are they similarly night owls or sunshine people?

1:45 pm  

I think the phrase "opposites attract" applies to me. My better half likes keeps insisting on me going to bed and waking early. I really can't figure why. And yet, at the same time, she seems to have enjoy not letting me sleep early when I want to. Sadistic people. I shall never understand the way their mind works.

3:39 pm  

I have a huge appetite when I wake too. It doesn't need time to 'warm up' *hahaha* I love huge breakfasts and it is luxury that I insist upon each morning! Even on Sundays.

As for Alex, well he is more of an owl himself.... I often sleep and rise earlier than he... he keeps everything down to a minimum whenever I have slept and I do the same when he isn't awake and kicking like me... oh morning, here I come again!!!


4:08 pm  

did UOB REALLY SAY THAT??!?!? hahahahahha.. i wouldn't be surprised.... but i just had to know..

11:37 pm  


I better start using the card or they'll really send flowers to my office. On a more serious note, I love UOB. I really do. Excellent service, from beginning to end. Never had to queue, not even for customer service.

12:02 am  

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