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Thursday, February 16, 2006
*grumble grumble grumble*

I have been shopping for a colour laser printer for a couple of months. It started at a leisurely pace and post CNY, it has become an urgent necessity within my office. Documents, waiting to be printed, are piling up neck high and I can not put it off any longer.

So I dialled for a number in my mobile. (Yes, this is another story from my little black phone book.) Since I am hopeless with all computer related stuff, I asked him to help me choose a good printer. This phone number owns an IT solution company which also specializes in HP and Canon stuff.

He recommended a HP1500, (a second hand model) he is helping a friend of his to sell. I asked for his opinion and he said that although it is a year old, the printer was reliable. "I'll get the technicians to check the printer and if it's good, I'll have it sent over," he said assuringly.

I paid RM1100 for the one year old HP1500 laserjet printer (which he explained had 15% of ink in all 4 toners) and was so excited to go to check into my office this morning. I got into work at 0900 hrs, which is the earliest I have been into office this year. And what had I discover?

Spent close to 30 minutes, waiting for the printer to print 10 copies of ONE document (file size 70kb). I waited painfully for each sheet to come rolling out of the feeder. And after that 10 copies, the black toner died... and needs to be replaced.

Email to Alex:
Hello babs,

Bought myself a laserprinter, which is SUPPOSED to be good... HP1500, a 2nd hand model from XYZ.

It sucks.

That sums everything up. It took more than 2 minutes to print each sheet. Then the black toner dried up.. and I've only printed 10 sheets... stupid dumb thing...

Initially I thought I could save RM500 (average) by buying this 2nd hand printer... but goodness, waiting for 10 pcs of the same ONE document took more than 30 minutes! The one page document was less than 80kb in size and consisted of maybe 2 inch sq of color and the rest words and blank.... you can take a look at the thing I was trying to print....

So what the flying fishball?!?!

This has caused me to be in a fowl mood because I had wanted to do work immediately with the things... and now everything is held back AGAIN!

Anyway... that's my story of the day. Hope you are not sitting at your computer, waiting for print outs like I did.

*grumble grumble grumble*

Alex's reply:
Look at review of the printer and see how many ppm colour it is supposed to do. Can't you just give it back to XYZ and say it is crap, you want your money back, without being so Christian and fair about it?

Otto wrote back:
Of course I am going to return it to him..... I'm gonna try one more time and then if it still sucks, I'll return it... actually I am quite certain that I would....

I am just pissed off that people continue to behave like pricks. How difficult is it to get things done without being cheated by some cow in KL?

I feel like gawd danmed Hare Krishna dishing out free lunches to crazy shaven guys in yellow robes!!! I just hate feeling this way.

I am your doormat, please walk all over me...
I hate myself this moment. I hate myself for allowing people walk all over me. I hate feeling bad. I hate feeling bad for feeling bad. I hate being taken advantage of, time and time again. Just because I am quiet and often swallow a lot of shit from toxic people around me, it does not mean I enjoy shit being thrown at me all the time.

Another case in point? I have placed an order for 150 uniforms, to be delivered in the 2nd week of January. The price has been revised and raised RM5.00 per set and it is four weeks late. The company sends an average of 4 uniforms per day and thus far, I have received 25 out of 150 uniforms.

I know for a fact that the lady is placing other orders above mine and that is because I have not shouted on top of my lungs for my order to be completed within the stipulated timeframe. My logic is why shout when you can be civilised about everything. Apparently many things in Malaysia can not be completed the civilised way.

I have given up on this task and got an assistant to do the dirty work - threaten that our company will only pay for whatever uniforms that arrives in the office by 10:00 a.m. next Tuesday. Fuck the rest of the order, I am not paying.

You tell me whether you'll be just as pissed as me in my high heel shoes?!

Small Talk
I guess it is a dog eat dog world after all. If you don't press someone, someone will press you. If you are not nasty, you will have nasties thrown at you. I fucking hate this.



hehe......cheer up otto
never ever buy 2nd hand printers!!!
And....i would encourage buying original cartridges as well bcos in my experience, the ori ones have better color and able to print more = last longer.

10:26 am  

I have never bought a 2nd hand anything (when it comes to computers). And I bought more than RM10k of stuff from him *sigh*

The end of a number in my phone book, that much I can say. I bloody hope he will return my money and take the printer back cos it's painful to watch it print. Even my silly RM170 inkjet prints at a greater speed.

Thanks, Fashionasia *hugs*

10:45 am  

Goodness. Laser printer going at the breakneck speed of 0.5ppm. That must be an all time record! I feel ya.

If you want some suggestions, give me a holler. I can ask a friend of mine for an honest opinion (and this one can be trusted). He's working as a market analyst and happens to be specialising in the printer department (or at least he was, the last time I asked). He's made some recommendations to me (for new printers) before and they've been good advice so far. However, his recommendations tend to be a little on the high-end and pricey stuff.

4:04 pm  

I might just take you up on your kind offer, so thank you.

I am trying to return the printer back to him but with the RM1100 being paid in full, I doubt the possibility. Especially with the black toner being kaput.

You have a nice day!

12:15 am  

at least it is cheap for you to learn your lesson on the 2nd hand printer. RM1100 is better than RM10k right? Look at the bright side. At least you know next time you just look for Alex for some answer.

2:59 am  

I like your view of life =) looking on the sunnier side of things.

8:48 am  

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