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Thursday, February 09, 2006
I Love Otto

10th February. My birthday.

And on my birthday, I would like all my readers to judge my writing. Do you think I've improved? Are my stories interesting? Do they make sense? Are you entertained by my tales? Do you think that my stories are worthy to be published? Will my words gain a following? Do I have a future in writing?

Do my words have an impact?

Otto's Best Birthday Present
I don't want any birthday presents because I am contented with what I have at the moment. However I would love if my readers could support me by doing something good for someone on my birthday.

For example, you could keep the door open for the person walking two steps behind you.

You could sincerely thank someone who served you well today - the aunty who keeps the public toilet clean, the cashier who serves you breakfast daily etc.

Alternatively you could give your pet cat or dog (or Burmese snake or spider) a warm hug and tell it, "Otto said to love you more today."

Do something nice and make someone happy.

On my birthday, make two or three other people around you HAPPY if you think I am worthy of your support.

It'll be the best birthday present ever EVER and I would love you guys more tomorrow.


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happy birthday Otto.. :)

I dont know if your writings are good enough for others, but for me, hell YEAH. Keeps me coming back every now and then for more.

Keep it up babe!

1:49 am  

Did you do something to your theme? Anyway, if you published a book, I would purchase it.

2:09 am  

heya, I like reading ur stories, will surely support ;)

happy birthday & wish you good health :)

3:11 am  

it's enlightening to me.

9:21 am  

Wahhhhhhh... thanks for the bday greetings, babes! Am preparing to go out drinking tonight.. probably a round of Kings or two... and be naughty, naughty, cheeky!

See you guys soon.

12:37 pm  

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