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Friday, April 06, 2007
Oh My God

I was happily bopping around with my life like usual when I was greeted by an email by a certain reader (you know who you are!). This email was a defining moment for you and me. We are featured on KL Lifestyle magazine! Yay! So congratulations, my very intelligent readers! You are on KL Lifestyle! Yay!

I would like to thank whoever that felt that ANNN deserved a mention in KL Lifestyle. I sat prettily between Fireangel and Masak-Masak while Cheesie was on top of me. I can see my face in the darn magazine. That’s it! It’s time to go back to the old Yoga photo.

Oh god. You can’t possibly mention me at the worst time, can you? I was just proclaiming that I wanted to commit blogcide last week and the 10 posts before that was 101% pure depression stuff. So I figured that I have to come up with some cheerful post.

That was wishful thinking, by the way. I write whatever that pops up in my head and write things from my heart. Often they are random thoughts, or as the magazine put it, ‘explores the nostalgia of her life as she travels down the road in her journey of life’.

I don’t know if this warrants a new write-up for the ‘author’ section. But I simply can’t. Not after facing years and years of writing on the topic “Myself” in primary school. It is punishment.

There are some things that I would like to mention here though. And perhaps even correct what was written in the feature. And if you will bear with me, I will quickly run through them and use this as my new “author” page. You think?

  • Anonymously Yours
    I am an anonymous blogger and would like to remain that way. Thus if you know who I am or have figured who I am, please please please please allow me to live in my own fantasy world that I am an anonymous blogger. The list now includes Kris and Chook. Shuddup, you two. Please?

    Actually I am not a blogger but that is still debatable if you promise to feed me some vodka.

  • Dead Since Dec 2006
    I do not write for an automobile magazine for a living. And if I did, I would be dead since December last year.

    I contemplated if I could (and indeed should) write about my very short stint at freelance writing for a car magazine. I concluded that it is not nice to write not so nice things about one’s employer. It doesn’t matter if it was for freelance. It doesn’t matter if I am right (which I am). What is the most important is integrity and I would like my future employers/editors to know that I have a good dose of it.

    So thank you very much, dear Car Magazine Editors (both old and new) for providing me with the opportunity to write for you. Money can be earned but integrity cannot be bought, so you can keep the money.

    I work in a company, which I had established some years ago. It has enabled me to do many things that might have NOT been accessible to me if I worked elsewhere. And this same work has given me the opportunity to explore my writing abilities.

  • Help Otto score more stars next time
    Yes. Please help. Blog design was awarded only two stars (which sucks almost as much as humor with one star) and IE doesn't like me. I don't know why and I don't even have the vocabulary to bore you with the details of what's sucky about my blog layout.

    ANNN readers unite! Help fix this darn layout problem whateveritscalled.

  • Humor Shumor
    I would like to thank you for awarding me one star under "HUMOR". I wouldn't even give myself one, so thanks for the encouragement.

  • Expert in relationships? Pfft!
    I suck at relationships. Which explains why everyone around me has “go forth and multiple”. The only thing that I have multiplied is my boyfriend collection...

    Oh God, that doesn't sound good...

You know what? Thank God I did not announce where I was sitting for the F1 over the weekend. I was about to launch a Nude Hunt this weekend. Just because I thought it would be fun to catch some of you.


Till then, why don't all you guys run and get yourself a copy of KL Lifestyle?
You are all in there with me, baybee.



MUAHAHAHAHAHA humor 1 star.

*walks of grinning

10:02 am  

errrr can't really pinpoint wat's wrong with your layout but maybe you might wanna try expanding and/or rearranging your side bar so that you use up the entire page?

I'd love to help design but as you can see.. I'm using blogger templates too. bugger. :p

8:57 pm  

Wa.. not bad. You got mentioned together with YB Lim Kit Siang ler...

7:16 am  

Your blog, without any doubt, is worthy of notice.

2:14 am  

nyahahahah.....yes lips are when do we do lunch again? ;)

11:23 am  

Aren't you lucky we are continents apart....... Or else I'll show you why I was awarded only 1 star.... LOL

Ok. I'll ask someone else who knows the difference between bytes and bites.

Thankfully YB was not on top of me?

You are being generous, Licko =) as you usually are.

I have this sudden craving for satay. Damn the lousy Kajang satay served during the GP.

10:26 am  

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