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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Socks Fever

I discovered the latest winter sports. It is called Christmas Sales. Oh my god, it is the perfect exercise on cold days. Just came back from Bluewater with a bag full of socks. I am suffering from socks fever at the moment and I purchased 5 pairs of cashmere socks in the past week and just two hours ago, I bought a (yet another) pair of black opague tights (very winter), a pair of lace leggings and 2 pairs of home socks.

"What do you need lace leggings for?" Alex asked.

"Dunno," I said as I slipped the cashier money. "If I can't match it with my clothes, I'll just give them away. Fuck, it's just £2!!!"

Tomorrow is the 4th of January and Wouter will be flying into London. In an alternate world, I imagine I would be sharing a table with him in Cafe Hong Kong and then bopping up and down in a club somewhere. But because I am stuck in this universe, I shall be doing my Italy tour while Wouter does his London.

The plan is to spend 3 nights based in Milan and after a train ride, 3 more nights in Rome. Should find myself in Verona, Venice and Bergamo the week I am away in Italy.

I am the only person who is excited to see HighSchoolSweetheart in Milan. Neither Alex or HighSchoolSweetheart are looking forward to meeting each other, so I shall have a few hours off trotting in Milan alone with HSH. I have this plan of getting him to buy me a nice Christmas gift *evil crackle*

Miss Love will be back with new photos to share with all of you. Hopefully they are pretty and they are not blurred *smirks*

Hey - check out the new photos on the side panel. They were taken in Edinburgh where I spent one afternoon walking on Princes Street buying a pair of Nine West fuck me boots and a pair of beige from Roxy's.

There were lots of "Oh baybabs, I am going to trail after you for THREE DAYS in Milan while you shop. Haaaaave meeeeeercy on me!" moans while Alex and I wiggled our way through the highstreet shops in BlueWater this afternoon. He got off the hook with a promise of endless shopping in Milan. There better be lots of shopping in Milan or some hairy bottom is going to get into loads of trouble.... *brr*

I am rather fond of Marc Jacobs and I really hope that my ten fingers can get hold of this Wham Logo bag. It's a simple thing for shopping days. Could buy it off but it's not fun when it is not cheap. I want it cheap! Cheap! Cheap!!

While I am gone, do check out the following blogs. I have been snopping at theirs over the Xmas/NY week =)

Take care, babes and babettes!



hey. thanks for featuring me blog. ^.^

4:03 pm  

Lol. Thanks for linking. ;)

4:04 pm  

Dawn & Eniale
You are welcome =)

10:17 am  

Temporary socks fetish you have :) Anyway, sweetie thanks for linking my page. I love the italy pictures! It's so nice and wish I can go there soon. There's this blog I read and pictures tat she put up are so irrelevant to imagine on the beautiful place. Aaah.. soon! Soon! Take care xoxo

p/s: I love MJ bags. I got one at a bargain of course ;)

12:21 pm  

Cashmere socks rawks!

I saw a MJ Faridah bag in Heathrow and felt it almost healed the emptiness I felt, leaving Alex and flying back to Msia..... but I promised myself that I shall never shop whenever I was down, so I didn't.


11:38 pm  

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