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Monday, July 24, 2006
I Fell In Love With A Beautiful Stranger

It is hard work. That is all I can tell you. Carrying pots of plants and standing for more than 8 hours in a day can do strange things to your legs and mind. I must have spoken to my readers a million times over.

There is the cleaning up the plants part. You have to cut out all spent flowers and yellow dying leaves. Then stack them all in a plastic tray and drag them across any distance from say a few meters to more than 20 meters away to the stock table. There are plants to be watered, especially when the temperature is rising up into the mid 20s and all the plants seem to die in the current temperature.

I personally love it though. Out came the sandals and shorter sleeved blouses. Forget the sweaters and jackets. How can one feel sexy when you are piled under 3 layers of knits and fabric? I would have worn my bikini, if I had brought it along with me then. But no, I had to do the practical thing. I wore a pair of nice Zara sandals until a damn twig rammed itself into my left foot, leaving it bloodied and me limping for the rest of the day.

When your hands have a life of its own, snipping the dead flowers away and when you are feeling all greasy and sweaty, all you need is a little eye candy. And there were plenty at a flower show such as Tatton's. If each dashing young man I saw was a card, I had a deck by day three, which was the official opening day.

And just when I was happy with my deck of handsome eye candies walking around the show ground, there came this totally sinful looking man. He was beautiful. That is the only word to describe the moment I saw him. I was carrying a tray packed with small mini pots of flowers in full bloom when I first saw him. He was walking about the stocking area without the hint of a shirt anywhere in sight.

So dear readers, let’s go through my list again, shall we?
  • Nice hair – check.

  • Something that resembles a goatee/stuble – check.

  • Beautiful eyes - check.

  • Body to die for – check.

  • Slim, tall and handsome – check, check, check!

He was putting up something there while I was walking in and out the stocking area. He had such mesmerizing eyes. And we exchanged smiles. I remember saying "excuse me" when he and his friend were blocking the path. He mumbled something but I could not hear it against the noise around the show ground. Ok, so I couldn't hear what he said because my heart was pounding furiously. I went on my way and did my things. My mind wondered the whole world over, probably even to Venus or Neptune. Don’t need no pot when you have a mind tripping like mine.

That few minutes of encounter set my head racing to giddy heights. Thoughts were everywhere as I began to think to myself what to write to you folks when I return to the blog on the 24th. And I suddenly realised, I fell in love with a beautiful stranger.

I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy the few seconds of appreciating that particular life form with my eyes. At that point in time, we never spoke more than the polite “good morning” whenever we did met each other. Each day dozens of people wish each other good mornings, so that was nothing so special. It was all in my mind and it is too sinful to recount. My mind raced through a million things.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you just met for 5 seconds?

Is it love?

Is it lust?

Do all friendships begin with attraction?

What I realised by day five was, it is natural to feel attracted to another beautiful being. It is so natural, almost like your heart beating on its own accord. You will not stop feeling attracted to another person just because you are in a stable relationship. Having your own permanent partner doesn't turn you into a nun or priest, where you dedicate all your love and affection to merely one partner.

I don’t think that the attraction stops when you dedicate yourself to one person. I don’t think it is a sin to think of others or to wonder. I think it is the most natural thing to happen. After all, it is a beautiful person. Beauty does not necessarily mean physical beauty (although it is in my case). You might be attracted to the way she laughs or his zest for life. You might feel instantly bound to someone who was confident and knew where he was heading in life. You might think of someone more than you should just because you thought she was “cool”.

One must realise that this feeling is fleeting. This feeling is an illusion and like all illusions, you should never touch it or know the truth. Whatever sensation you feel, whatever impure thoughts you have in your mind, you must realise that they do not represent reality.

Reality is the man whom you see walk through your front door at 5 p.m. after work. Reality is when you change your bed sheets together. Reality is taking a ritualistic morning bath each day.

It is a choice that we make. Some of us make it more often than others but I believe that each and every one of us face this situation at some stage in our lives. That few seconds I speak of is very powerful and evocative. It gives you hope and sends hearts fluttering. It makes you feel good. Sometimes it is so good that it feels bad. It does the strangest things to you. It makes you feel love and loved all over again. It feels risky and dangerous, enhancing the sensation.

It is addictive. Honestly I could live forever on that addiction. That split second when the most primal attraction happens. But I have come to realize that the swift feeling that makes me feel alive and light is not real. It is time to call it quits. While tempting, I know I cannot live on that feeling for the rest of my life and I chose reality.

Lots have happened since the day I fell in love with a beautiful stranger on day three.

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tsk tsk otto...

things lust can do to people

3:27 am  

I guess it happens once in a while but we got to learn to differentiate between fantasy and reality. AS they say the grass on the other side only looks greener.

5:24 am  

Well, think: he could be gay...


Woookey... Back to reality... Haha!

7:10 am  

I feel sad for all other ordinary looking strangers..... Nobody even bother to look twice at them.... I mean us....

7:41 am  

me thinks Ian is right!

*for moment all the fat, balding and short men in the whole world smiled.

4:33 pm  

what?? a deck of gorgeous men and not a single photo? ;p

anyways, i love this entry!

p.s. no photos of the flowers either?

11:41 am  

Boss Stewie
tsk tsk tsk... things that lust can do...

That's what this post is about... We all have to learn to differentiate between fantasy and reality, between love and lust.

He is not gay. You know he is not....

No one is ordinary. Everyone's unique in one way or another. I guess sometimes beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

And I take it that you did not smile.

Camera went flat lerrrrrrr... I damn fed up. You think I don't want to take photos? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Then I can print and have a "gorgeous gardeners" limited edition cards. Issued during 2007 CNY.

No camera, so no photos of flowers too. Quite disappointed. Your aunty (that's me) here tak bawak charger. So smart.

5:24 pm  

Remember your ABC's:
Abstinence is better than Birth Control!

5:24 am  

Go for it!

Love is beautiful.

11:01 am  

aiyoo aunty! macam mana boleh lupa bawak charger ni? sob sob so sad..

4:02 pm  

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