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Thursday, June 29, 2006
The Almost Penguin Post

After a massive breakfast, I am inspired to write a post in true Penguin spirit. Here is the behind the scenes for the photo taken yesterday. I really want to show you all my cool equipment, set up and lighting equipment, with the exception that I do not have any of those to show.


So this requires some imagination on your part, my dear reader. Help glamourize the photos with funny black photography equipment... and perhaps make the setting a little sexier than it is here. What can you expect from a house decorated by boys anyway?

  • Decide on budget. I had none and had to use whatever that was available in the house.

  • Choose your equipment. Unlike The Penguin, I do not have a magic bag with fancy stuff. All I had was my little trusted digital camera, my Ixus 55, with 5.0 mega pixels and 3x optical zoom. No lighting equipment, no nothing else.

    My Ixus55

  • Choose the setting. I've decided on using the soft rattan chair from Burma, set against the corner of the room.

    The glamour furnishing for the photo shoot

  • Decide on the clothes for your shot. I had two sets - one with Alex's work shirt, tie and pair of black trousers and the other was a change from the work shirt to my own racer back white shirt.

    Alex's blue Armani work shirt

    Otto's RM13.00 FOS racer back shirt

  • Decide on the positions for your shoots. I wanted to emit a more glamorous feel, with androgynous dressing. I had wanted a cigar and Cuban hat but it’s in the middle of nowhere here and it is a pain in the ass to purchase things here because it's bloody expensive!

    Funny left hand position doesn't make good photo

    So I settled for the tie, which gave the “manly” feel to the photos. Poses will also be more manly and Sicilian mafia-like.

    The Sicilian look

Then just start clicking. Take perhaps a billion photos and chances are you will stumble upon a good photo or two. Adjust the angles. Play with the lighting. Experiment with the positions, props, facial expressions, more skin, less skin etc. And voila, among the many rejects, you are bound to find a good photo or two.

The rejects

The chosen one

In all, I took 20 photos to produce all that you see here and my winning photo happened to be the first one. That's how life is sometimes, babes. You work hard, you search for the one and you realise that the one you were searching for was the FIRST ONE.

And there you have it! The Almost Penguin photo shoot.

Small Talk
And if I have fancier photoshop skills, I could have written a "The Almost XiaXue Post" =P




what about the almost stewie post?

12:22 pm  

wah! all the work to produce the photo to proof the point.... well done...=)

12:31 pm  

"That's how life is sometimes, babes. You work hard, you search for the one and you realise that the one you were searching for was the FIRST ONE."

hahaha you think?? ironic huh

1:56 pm  

I have that camera! I adore it. Take all sorts of nonsense with it.

Haha, I forgot to mention, I like that tie... :) Good choice. Hehe.

6:42 pm  

This is the worst fucking blog I have ever read. And that's why I read it every day.

Keep it up!

9:52 pm  

Boss Stewie
Well Boss, we ATE the duck and there was no "almost" about it *smiles*

Actually took less than 10 mins lah... paisay, paisay...

You *TELL* me about it....... thankfully for this particular one, I took only 20 photos... life has a humorous side =)

You have the camera too? I love that camera!! It's the easiest camera to use and I am such a bimbo when it comes to taking photos and there you have it, reasonably taken photos! Makes me feel like almost a "JasXue" (jasminne/xx - geddit?)

Yay! Thanks! I try my best.

8:22 am  

actually,taking photos in a corner is not a great idea. a blank wall would be better :D

nice try though :) and you really dont need any bag of tricks, all i use is a camera and some light frm the window.

will we get to see the ALmost Penguin Post part2?? :DDD

4:26 pm  

Ahhhhh... thanks for the pointer =) I will bear that in mind the next time I attempt "The Almost Penguin Post Part 2"


4:58 pm  

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