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Sunday, July 09, 2006
Christening The Sofa

Who gets up at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning and drives 20 minutes to Bluewater to buy a sofa?

You are right, if you have guessed Alex. Alex, King of bargain hunting and not Her Royal Highness, Queen of shopping, Otto.

He pushed me out of bed and refused to feed me my usual 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausages, cheese, mushroom, tomato and hot chocolate. Instead he dragged me to Bluewater early last Saturday morning to line up when John Lewis opened its doors on the first day of summer sales. It was for a summer duvet, one that was down filled and lighter, to keep us cool during the hotter months. It had to be goose filled because Alex's cute bottom deserves only the best. He made me add the last sentence.

But the shopping turned expensive when we sat on a leather sofa found in the bargain section. On that day, I think we basically spent more than £500 and contributed to the death of at least 2 cows. If buying the sofa was not enough, Alex came back home, went online to ebay and bought a recliner and a little desk in the corner for me to write nice posts to you.

Alex started painting the living room (now glamourously named the Summer Room) since January and finally completed the room a day before the sofa arrived. I have taken some photos but I will only post next two weeks when the room is better furnished.

But until then, here are some photos of the day we christened the sofa with captions provided by Alex.

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Alex said his caption sounds stupid and that he is going to bed. He is not responsible for the crap he contributed to this post. It's late, he said. He drove us to Longleat for a nice day of safari and those photos, my readers, will be posted tomorrow. I find myself agreeing with him this time and there will be no captions for the photos. While I am away, can you give some quirky captions for photos #1 to #4?

Till then, I need to tuck my hairy boy into bed. Bye!

Small Talk
Am watching Dirty Sanchez while I am typing this post. The word "bird" keeps popping up all over the episode and they were not refering to the feathery kind. Why? Why do men call a normal nice girl a "bird"? As in "that's why I fucked lots of birds".

*pause* I just saw some nuts got struck by a pool ball... F**k..... then a golf ball... and other balls.... thumb tacks... candle...



There's something amusing and freaky about the photos. I see two ways to interpret the photo set. One, that Alex and you are twins co-joined at the head. And the second being, you cuddling and generally having fun on the couch with a man who has a white fluffy pillow for a head.

Surrealist/expressionist = Ottoist?

Sorry, no captions. Can't think of anything that doesn't sound stupid.

12:46 am  

Lost in Translation
Erm, we were having fun... *laughs* Alex is just so huge in comparison to me, so it's like a David and Goliath battle going on... I am allowed to cheat though =P

9:56 am  

I don't know if this sounds stupid enough, but can we call it "Ultraman"? o.O

3:20 pm  

Me is in London! coffee?

8:35 pm  

Now THIS....IS LIFE! =)

there you go....just a short post to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside... hehehe....

5:26 am  

Ultraman can....

Missed you! I was in London and didn't read your comment until I reached home at 7 p.m. last evening!!! You still around?

Life ha........ wait till we get the whole living room ready =)

10:08 am  

Am in London till the end of the month :)

11:49 am  

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