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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Here Is The Proof
I have received emails from ANNN readers who questioned whether I really wore the pants in my house.

What do you mean *REALLY*? Of course I wear the pants in my house! Some cheek you've got to question me like that!

So here's my proof that I wear the pants in this household.

Satisfied? *hehehehe*

Small Talk
"Pants" and "trousers" are thought to be the same in Malaysia. The malay word for these two words would be "seluar".

However the proper word to use is "trousers" whereas the word "pants" refers to "underpants". So if you walk around Scotland saying "I am wearing my pants" you will get some giggles from the locals because they think you are talking about your smelly underwear.



That photo can make it to those sassy fashion mags...

As for pants... I am enlightened...

1:41 pm  

Hawt. *slurp*

2:03 pm  

Hahaha! I tutor kids after school and one time I was helping them in their art projects and I had got paint on my trousers but I went "Aghhh I've got paint on my pants!"

All the kids burst out laughing and went, "Those aren't pants, it's called trousers!"

Very malu lah. Freudian slip.

And the photo - there's no doubt you wear the pants in the relationship ;)

4:43 pm  

You proved your point.

What you should try writing next time:
"I wear the lingerie in this house"

What you should NEVER try writing:
"Alex wears the lingerie in this house"

5:42 pm  

Prove to everyone that how you're usually about nude but not naked?

6:04 pm  

Hmm i think this is the first time i have seen you in Pants....
By the way are you still in london. YC told me you were somewhere up north in scotland or something. Now dont run from me! I want to meet you in london remember! By the way does alex wear a skirt now? hehehe :)

8:08 am  

ok otto.. u made ur point :P

9:03 am  

Ah so you are wearing trousers or pants?

Need a hankie, babe?

I had a similar experience too!!!!! The Scottish boys were laughing their heads off when I said I was wearing pants! hahahaha...

Erm do I need to proof that I wear the lingerie in the house? Alex said he goes ala naturel... not even lingerie...

I will proof my about nude not naked status on the day I receive 5000 readers for one post. That's a promise.

I am in London and will remain here until Sept. I went to the north for a flower show in June and another one in Tatton Park (also up north) in 2nd half of July.

Don't worry. I will not miss our meeting in London!

So how was your holiday so far?

So you have anything that you want to proof? =)

11:01 am  

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