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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
The Nude's Very First Meme

~ Like A Virgin, Madonna

Check out Madonna's hairstyle and video direction. So 80s that it craves a smile on my face =)

  • I am
    The Nude, future most celebrated relationship therapist in Malaysia. Will be on Oprah on a weekly basis when Dr. Phil retires in 2008.

  • I just now
    Got tagged by Walski69.

    It is my very first meme and I got tagged because Walski could not think of anyone else.

    I don’t know if that is meant to be a compliment.

  • I said
    “I concur that memes are boring shit – why am I (&^£%T&$R doing this again?”

  • I want
    World peace and stop global warming.

    Nah, kidding… I want “Malaysia: A Pictorial Look from 1400 to 2004, Archipelago Press”. Loved the photos in it.

  • I wish
    I had the heart to leave my business in Malaysia, fly to the UK and start afresh without thinking about it.

  • I hate
    Stupid people. Never underestimate how stupid mankind can be.

  • I miss
    Alex. Very much.

  • I fear
    The unknown. I have a constant need to know what I am doing, where I am heading and how I am getting there.

  • I hear
    Myself talking. I need to hear what I write when I write. That’s something quirky, I guess.

  • I wonder
    If I will still fit into the super tight pair of dark blue retro culottes (aka lucky visa trousers) from Miss Selfridges. It was a freaking UK size 6.

  • I regret
    Thankfully, nothing much. All the crazy stuff you read in ANNN? That’s my insurance against regrets in later life.

  • I am not

  • I sing
    Horribly. Do both of us a favour. Don’t ask me to.

  • I cry
    Whenever I see/feel pain, especially visually on TV or in the cinemas.

  • I am not always
    Sweet spirited. I bite sometimes.

  • I made
    A soft hairband for PY, entirely out of crystals, resembling her RM110 Evita Peroni’s. I spent less than RM20 for it.

  • I write
    A lot about sex and relationships. It does not mean make me a sex addict. I promise.

  • I confused
    Why is this sentence so confusing? Bad grammar, bad, bad, bad grammar!

  • I need
    To wear high heels all the time, even on days when my legs ache. Pet peeve of the century.

  • I should
    Stop buying so many damn pairs of shoes. How many black pairs of shoes do two feet need?!

  • I start
    My day by having an honest conversation with God (life assessment time). Then checking my mailbox and interspersed with dancing.

  • I finish
    This meme! Yay!

  • I tag
    Ian, because he has never mentioned memes...
    Kuek, because he is such a darling...
    and the rest of you readers out there just because I wanna hear you guys screeeeeeeeeeeam!


This just made my day! Wow I am so honoured and happy I feel like putting on a tutu and dance (no i am not really gonna do it :P)

4:25 am  

Hey Otto... Yes, it's meant to be a complement..


6:17 am  

thanks for not tagging me otto


11:33 am  

Aiyaa.. I kena tagged pulak...

I won't have a bad love life or something should I not do it right? Hahah...

Will see when inspiration strikes..

12:52 am  

I look forward the your meme then =)


Boss Stewie
I thought everyone loved memes??

You got bad love life meh? As far as my eyes can see, most of your commentators are of the YIN "chi"...... *grins*

3:25 am  

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