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Sunday, May 21, 2006
The Nude Today

Inspired by an article entitled
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston set for a 'quickie' divorce'

I sulked for the pass few days, lamenting the fact that MENJ did not address many of my comments over at his blog. Gee, guess what? I got blocked and banned for life - no MENJ forever and ever and ever! At this rate, perhaps I should start sulking over lack of animal rights in Malaysia?

Spare a thought for our furry friends.
Learn more about animal welfare and care at SPCA MALAYSIA.

More info about cats at

More info about dogs at Kennel Club UK.

General pet care at Pet Health Care UK.

Small Talk
In retrospect I quite enjoyed going over to MENJ's to comment... I am bloody lamenting the fact that I don't have a blog to comment on so religiously anymore! *sigh*

He hardly address my questions but I guess in hindsight, that was actually good. I just wanted to offer a different view over the same topic. Consider it two sides to a coin.... but alas, he has banned the IPs. I guess I will just have to find a new playground *sigh*





sorry I had a heavy weekend and I didn't have the energy to access your previous links to MENJ's posts. But, is it really worth sulking and flaming an individual whose blog might not be politically influential enough to convince the minds of our country's leaders?

I mean, people read his words, and I hope that there are minds rational enough to make out if his thoughts and warcries are worth taking into their consideration.

Or are you worrying that he is actually capable of brainwashing those who read his blogs into devoting themselves into his beliefs?

It's way past my bedtime, I am afraid that I have to end this note with a wussy disclaimer, that my instinct is willing, but my body and mind isn't. Hence, the above paragraphs of crap.

3:34 pm  

awww come on.. just let it go.. that's the beautiful thing about blogging... you can write anything you want but people get to decide whether you're full of shit or not... so let him be

6:33 pm  

Or you can drop on over here cause I've got some snapshots of what Menj said about the whole thing on his blog. That is...if you're not too bosy about animals.


12:35 am  

But but but we talked for more than 15 minutes after you wrote this... HAHAHAHAHHAHA... I catch you later tonight, babe.

Boss Stewie
I am so gonna miss MENJ =( then again, I might be too busy having duck rice with you when I EVENTUALLY get to London.....

Animal rights in Msia is appalling!! It disgusts me that the court fined a guy RM200 for abusing his German Shephard!!!! That poor dog was covered in fleas and ticks, was too thin and dehydrated by the time authorities got to her. The dog was eventually put to sleep, I think.

Makes me angry! Grrrr....

3:00 am  

Oh, I see you've updated this post with a cun photo of yourself. Well done...

You know what, MENJ actually shares some uncanny resemblence with an old friend of mine from Hong Kong when we studied in college. I wasn't referring to his style of conveying his beliefs, but looks instead.

3:28 am  

I don't know whether it is a compliment to resemble MENJ....

7:04 am  

I seriously don't think it is.

7:54 am  

try commenting from starbucks???
run iprenew command. err..get a geek to help u :>

2:19 pm  

I laughed hard when I read your comment here... =) you are a darling.

Well MENJ has been informing everyone how to circumvent the IP block........... so I have been to his blog actually since then.

He is yet to answer my questions on Hudud.... this guy can spew lots of things but fail to back it up sufficiently with IMPORTANT INFO such as what are the punishments under Hudud law etc.

But enough about him.... so how is married life treating you?

2:31 pm  

btw, desi from
he is writing some petition to be sent to the PM's dept regarding Mr.Hazardous. U can join the gang la. I cant cos i still wanna remain anon & duwanna draw too much attention to my blog.

married life? so far so good la. Nothing broken yet?! haha
errr and I mean no flying saucers la...wat were u thinking!! :P

2:39 pm  

No point sulking, Otto. I'm sure there are better things to do in life than to sulk, especially b'cos of this particular dude.

As for fasionasia's suggestion on the petition - I personally think it's a bad idea. I know minishorts concurs on this one...

7:22 am  

Lack of flying saucer sightings is a good sign =)

I do not agree that actions be taken against MENJ himself. I might write another article commenting on the topic of punishing MENJ because I do not condone any form of punishment for him.

All I ask for is for my readers to think about their future and participate in issues which affects them such as politics, economics etc.

2:16 am  

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